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vegan wedding guide for animal lovers
Photos by Meigan Canfield Photography

The Tree Kisser’s Vegan Wedding Guide

Information and Inspiration for Animal-Loving Brides, Grooms, Wedding Planners, and Friends of the Engaged!

Welcome! You’re probably wondering what a vegan wedding guide even is and whether it’s at all relevant to you. Obviously, much of the information involved in this guide pertains to planning a vegan wedding. However, this guide is packed full of ideas and inspiration for all animal lovers, even those who aren’t fully vegan. I’m hopeful that it will appeal to all of you, vegan or not, who are looking for ways to help and protect animals on your big big day!

This vegan wedding guide is about much more than food. I look into bridal party proposal gifts that donate to animal rescues and vendors who volunteer at animal shelters. In the cruelty-free fashion section, we cover leather-free wedding shoes and silk-free bridesmaid dresses! And of course, you’ll want to make sure to pick a makeup artist uses products that aren’t tested on animals, or whether a vegan wedding cake can be just as (if not more!) delicious than one containing animals products.

My goal is to help you ask questions (of yourselves and your vendors) that will make your celebration as compassionate as possible. And to the vegans and vegetarians out there, I hope these resources will ease some of the stress involved with figuring out how to celebrate your love with a truly vegan wedding! I was in your shoes just last year and I know how overwhelming it can all be. If I can lessen that stress even a little, I’ve done my job!

Vegan Wedding Guide: Introduction

When I started this post, it was just going to be a simple write up about the amazing vendors that helped make my wedding day as spectacular as I could’ve dreamt. However, I soon realized that that guide would be helpful only to my local readers in Denver, of which there are not too many! So, as the days and weeks went on, the scope of this guide grew and grew, and now I’m collecting listings from all around the world! My ultimate goal is to create a comprehensive directory that will be helpful to vegan and animal loving couples in every country. As I gather more information, I’ll be making some tech upgrades, improving search options, and adding more intuitive navigation features. For now, I appreciate your patience as I work behind the scenes to make this guide as user-friendly as possible!

My lists of animal-friendly vendors and vegan-friendly caterers and bakeries will especially continue to grow. I know I’ve only just barely started scratching the surface of what’s out there! If you have a vendor to recommend, please write me at

Vegan Wedding Guide: Navigation

Click the category of your choice to discover tips, recommendations, and vendors to help design your big, perfect, compassionate day!

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Who Am I & Why Am I Writing A Wedding Guide?

My Vegan Wedding Day! Photo by Meigan Canfield Photography

If you aren’t a frequent reader of The Tree Kisser, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Jessica Hoar, and I write this blog! I’ve been a vegetarian since I was eight, and vegan for nearly a decade now. I’m a fierce animal advocate with an extra soft spot for shelter dogs. On October 14, 2017, I married the love of my life (and co-parent of our four rescue dogs), with a fully vegan wedding in Denver, CO.

I’ll confess, I was a stressed bride. For me, planning my vegan wedding was about so much more than my husband and myself. It was an opportunity to introduce all of my friends and family to plant-based cuisine while celebrating our love in a way that helps animals rather than harm them.

I look for opportunities to teach and inspire with every decision I make, and planning a wedding requires a LOT of decisions. I spent a lot of time on research that more conventional brides don’t have to think about, and the information was not always easy to find! Once my wedding was over, I was equipped with so much new knowledge that I needed to share it with the world. And thus, this vegan wedding guide exists!

How You’re Helping Animals Just By Using This Vegan Wedding Guide

Like most bloggers, I make an income from writing. Not much yet, but fortunately I actually love doing the work and the research so I’m happy regardless. My number one goal is and will always be to provide helpful, valuable information to help you live as compassionate of a life as possible! When the opportunity arises, I do include affiliate links, which means that I’ll make a small commission if you click through some of my links and place orders. I never promote anything I wouldn’t otherwise endorse and support, so you can feel confident that all recommendations are genuine.

One of many shelter dogs saved by Hand In Paw rescue.

I donate 10% of all revenue to animal rescues, so you can make a difference just by shopping with my affiliate partners! My featured non-profit right now is Hand In Paw, an incredible animal rescue organization based in Monrovia, CA. Hand In Paw has rescued and found homes for thousands of dogs in California and Mexico, with more and more lives being saved every day!

By using this vegan wedding guide and sharing the link on social media, you’re helping spread the knowledge and inspiration that helps other engaged couples plan the most animal-friendly weddings possible!

Big thanks to talent of Meigan Canfield, whose gorgeous photos appear multiple times throughout this guide! If you need a photographer in Colorado, look no further! Meigan’s attitude, energy, and commitment to integrity were exactly what I was looking for when planning my own vegan wedding. Thanks Meigan!

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