In keeping with the tradition of my previous clothing line, I will be donating 10% of any revenue that results from this blog to animal rescue and advocacy groups! I’ll be starting by donating to my beloved Hand In Paw, one of the best rescue groups in the country. By placing orders through the following links (that’s all you have to do; click and order whatever you want!), a portion of your purchase will go to helping homeless pets!

Shop through these links to help me help animals:

1Amazon: Online marketplace. (I know you know what Amazon is)

2Etsy: Marketplace for handmade, vintage, and unique products and gifts

3Petit Vour: Monthly cruelty-free beauty box with an online cosmetics marketplace

4Bead & Reel: Compassionate, vegan online boutique that gives back!

Untitled design-10Osea Malibu: Organic, vegan, cruelty-free skincare

rageon-logoRageOn: All-Over-Print Apparel (featuring Lisa Frank designs!)

What’s an affiliate?

My primary job here at The Tree Kisser is to provide helpful, well-researched, and hopefully inspirational content to help YOU live an animal-friendly life. That said, when this mission overlaps with opportunities to pay my bills, you may see affiliate links or sponsored posts. Affiliate links are customized urls that tell the company in question (i.e.: Amazon, Etsy) that your order came via my website, and they pay me a commission (this ranges from 1% to 20%, depending on the company and the item you purchase). This never adds extra cost to you, the consumer; on the contrary, some affiliate partners give bloggers extra discounts to offer their readers/followers!

It is my sincere promise to you that I will never promote any business or product I don’t 100% support or that I wouldn’t recommend if I weren’t receiving a fee. I never agree to post about a product or company before I personally try/taste/wear/read the product in question. If you ever purchase something I recommend and you aren’t happy with it, please let me know- I appreciate feedback!

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