Vegan Boots For Fall 2020

The Tree Kisser’s Favorite Vegan Boots For Fall 2020!

I’ll confess this up front: I’m a sucker for fall. I get extremely excited when the temperature even hints at cooling down. And I love, love, love an opportunity to throw on cozy leggings and stylish vegan boots!

I’ve written before about waterproof vegan boots for rainy or snowy weather, so if that’s what you’re looking for, see my list of vegan winter boots here. However, if you’re in the market for stylish everyday boots, keep reading! I’ve done my best to cover the full spectrum of fashion preferences here, but they are of course biased by my own personal style! From booties to over-the-knees to vegan “Uggs” to sky-high heels, I’ve found it all.

As I explained in my Ultimate Vegan Fashion Guide, I’ve attempted to include brands from all across the pricing spectrum. I won’t lie, a lot of the independent, highly sustainable companies making vegan shoes and/or vegan bags do have a higher price point as a result of their ethical manufacturing and emerging cruelty-free technologies. However, it’s my goal to prove that vegan fashion exists at every price point, so I’ve included the more affordable brands as well. Often (but NOT always), these less expensive options don’t check off every box on my checklist for “ideal” vegan fashion- i.e.: uses sustainable/eco-friendly materials, manufactured locally, donates to charity, etc., but given the cow leather industry’s history of environmental destruction, animal cruelty, and human rights abuses, I’m still of the opinion that vegan fashion is always the best choice.

Many of the brands included in this post are fully vegan, but I’ve also included a handful of vegan-friendly – or not YET vegan – companies that offer a large selection of vegan shoes, vegan bags, or other vegan fashion. While I love supporting independent and innovative small businesses, I also acknowledge the benefit of voting with our dollars to show more mainstream brands that we appreciate and welcome their vegan options!

Without further ado, these are my favorite sources for vegan boots this fall!

Bhava Studio (fully vegan brand)

fall vegan boots bhava studio autumn winter booties

Vegan fall boots shown above are the Paris Ankle Bootie, the Ranger Hiker, and the Editor Ankle Bootie.

Bhava designs extremely high quality vegan shoes, made with a focus on sustainability and ethical manufacturing. The shoes are designed in New York, where the Bhava team tests out every style on the busy streets of Manhattan. They are then manufactured by skilled artisans in Mumbai or Spain, using eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and vegan eco-suede.

Shop vegan boots for fall at Bhava Studio.

Matt & Nat (fully vegan brand)

Vegan fall boots shown above are the Fruma Boots, the Kallya Over The Knee Boots, and the Liman Women’s Flat Boots.

Matt & Nat has been making and selling high-quality vegan apparel since 1995! Known primarily for their vegan handbags, Matt & Nat also offers a wide variety of vegan shoes. Coveted by celebrities and animal activists alike, the Montreal-based company sells their shoes and bags in boutiques all over the world! They also help protect the planet by recycling more than 3 million plastic bottles into their fabrics every year.

Shop vegan boots for fall at Matt & Nat or Amazon.

Petit Vour (fully vegan retailer)

fall vegan boots petit vour autumn winter booties otk

Vegan fall boots shown above are the Nae Bline 3.5″ Stacked Heel Ankle Bootie, the Nae Chere Boot, and the Susi Billie Boot.

I know Petit Vour for their monthly vegan & cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare subscription box, but they also started selling vegan fashion! Curating only pieces that meet their standards for highest quality and high fashion, Petit Vour has a full collection of vegan footwear. All designed and created without harming any animals. They update their website often, so be sure to check in regularly to see their selection of boots!

Shop vegan boots for fall at Petit Vour.

ASOS (carries vegan boots)

Vegan fall boots shown above are the Simmi London Tora sock heeled ankle boots, the Z_Code_Z Exclusive Vanda vegan slouch knee boots, and the Public Desire Portrait pull on calf boots with toe cap.

Online retail giant ASOS has done animals a HUGE favor by making it easy to find their non-leather options! Use their website’s “leather/non-leather” filter when shopping for shoes or bags). They don’t use the word “vegan”, but unless you’re seeing wool, silk, or other animal products on the material list, you should be safe. Since I first started shopping with ASOS last year, the percentage of non-leather shoes compared to their leather shoes has grown continuously. ASOS has a huge selection of all styles for both men and women, most of which are very affordable.

Shop vegan boots for fall at ASOS.

Pawj California (fully vegan brand)

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion pawj california uggs

Vegan boots for fall shown here are the Tall Boot in Wild Leopard & Tan, the Polar Fleece Boot, and the Short Boot in Chestnut.

(Use code THETREEKISSER for 10% off your order from Pawj!)

I was ecstatic when I found Pawj California, because they seem to have perfected cruelty-free “Uggs” style boots! I purchased other “faux Uggs” in the past, but they never really impressed me. That is, until I received my Pawj boots. Last fall (and winter) I practically lived in their Wild Leopard Chestnut boots! If you like the aesthetic and coziness of Uggs, but don’t want to wear animals, these are for you!

Shop vegan boots for fall at Pawj California. (Use code THETREEKISSER for 10% off your order from Pawj!)

Beyond Skin (fully vegan brand)

fall vegan boots beyond skin autumn winter booties otk

Vegan boots for fall shown above are the Kelly Black Block Heel Over-The-Knee Vegan Boots, the Felicity Black Faux Leather Ankle Boots, and the Sienna B Chestnut Slouch Vegan Boots.

Since 2001, Beyond Skin has lived up to their name by moving beyond animal skins to make shoes! Designed in London and handmade in Spain, Beyond Skin’s collection includes a wide range of gorgeous boots.

Shop vegan boots for fall at Beyond Skin.

Free People (carries vegan boots)

Vegan styles above are the Vegan Going West Boot, the Vegan Oakland Over-The-Knee Boot, and the Vegan Ranch Boot.

In recent years, retail giant Free People has made bold ventures into the vegan fashion world, which is amazing given their massive customer base! They’re very clear about clarifying which items are vegan, so you don’t have to worry too much about reading labels (though I always recommend double checking when the brand isn’t fully vegan). Free People’s vegan options are a great way to keep up with current trends (hello vegan cowboy boots!) without harming animals!

Shop vegan boots for fall at Free People.

BC Footwear (carries vegan boots)

Vegan boots above are the Ringmaster Ankle Boot, the Make an Impact Ankle Boot, and the Kettle Ankle Boot.

BC Footwear, a fun and flirty California-based shop, offers a wide variety of vegan styles at affordable prices! They offer contemporary designs with West Coast aesthetics that are perfect for a musical festival or a beach party. Their boots are a bit more traditional (less funky) than their other footwear, but I love them anyway!

Shop vegan shoes at BC Footwear or Amazon!

Stella McCartney (carries vegan boots)

Shown here are the Chunky Ankle Boots, the Emilie Boots, and the Zipit Ankle Boots.

Stella McCartney’s boots have long been the best solution for designer-loving fashionistas with a conscience. Almost everything Stella McCartney designs is vegan, with the exception of some apparel that contains wool or silk. Her prices are sky high, but they’re on par with other top luxury brands. Keep an eye out for sales, sometime you can snag a major discount!

Shop vegan boots for fall at Stella McCartney or Nordstrom.

Did I leave out your favorite animal-friendly brand? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. These are all amazing and you have me so excited for some fall & winter boot shopping! What an awesome round up and post!
    Thank you so much always, for your extensive research and being my trusted “go to”! 🙂
    One area I struggle hard is finding total vegan options for boots and coats for toddlers/babies when it comes to winter…I love the strides companies are taking for adults, and I would love to see these markets jump into “kids” with the same gusto!
    I would for one would pay extra!
    Thank you for the fun post!!

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