Vegan & Animal-Friendly Vendors

Picking vendors (florists, photographers, planners, etc.) can be extremely overwhelming. Most likely, you’ll find dozens or even hundreds of vendors in each category in your area. How are you supposed to choose between all these talented people?? That’s the question I kept asking myself over and over before fate stepped in and somehow led me to my photographer Meigan Canfield’s Instagram page.

Photo by my wedding photographer Meigan Canfield

Most wedding photographers’ social media pages featured only wedding photography, but Meigan’s most recent post was a photo of a baby monkey she’d photographed on a recent trip to Kuala Lumpur. Her eye for animals intrigued me enough to go to her website, where I found out she was also newly vegan! I had never even thought of looking for vegan vendors; after all, why would that matter? However, once I met with Meigan and decided to hire her, I realized how happy it made me to be giving money to someone I knew would spend it ethically! That made it a lot easier to write those big checks.

Over the next couple months, I also ended up finding a fabulous team of vegan videographers as well as a florist who donates 5% of her profits to one of our local animal shelters. Because these vendors and I shared a common passion for animals, I felt extra confident about their dedication to making my wedding as great as it could be! With all of that in mind, I’ve been searching for animal-friendly vendors all across the world to help you build as compassionate of a team as possible!

Animal-Friendly Vendor List*

All names on this list are of vendors who either a) are personally vegan b) donate a percent of revenue/profit to animal rescue or advocacy organizations or c) have significant experience coordinating or working on animal-friendly weddings. Please note, while these vendors are arranged by geographic location, many wedding professionals are happy to travel for the right couple!

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* List is still in progress- please check back frequently for updates! If you have a vendor to recommend, please fill out this submission form or email


Photo by Meigan Canfield Photography


Western Australia:

Zaneta Van Zyl (Vegan, also a videographer)


Konstantin Mikulitsch (Vegan, offers 20% discount for vegan weddings!)


British Columbia:

Jenna Hill (Vegan, donates monthly to animal rescues)

Tosha Lobsinger (Vegan)

Jennifer Picard (Vegan, also a videographer)


Eliana Posada Fotógrafa (Vegan)


Christopher Große-Cossmann (Vegan)


Luca Caparrelli (Vegan)


Federico Salmeron (Vegan)

United Kingdom


The Hendrys (Vegan couple, offer discount for vegan weddings!)


Hayley Pettit (Vegan)


Jo Boulton Photography (Vegan)


Waheed Khan (Vegan)

United States


Stephanie Parsley (Vegan)


Desert Petals Photography (Donates time photographing shelter pets)

California (Northern):

HFB Photography (Vegan)

Tylar Delegeane (Volunteers with local animal shelters)

California (Southern):

Eve Rox Photography (Vegan)

My Sun and Stars Co. (Volunteers with local animal shelters)

Edith Hogan Photography (Vegan)

Diana Lannes (Vegan)

Jenny Rolapp (Vegan)


Meigan Canfield Photography (Vegan)

Shea McGrath Photography (Vegan)

The Drawhorns (Vegan married couple)


Steph Lynn Photo (Vegan)


Joseph Gonzalez-Dufresne (Vegan)


Sara Cozolino (Vegan, volunteers time and talent to local animal shelters)


C.Nic Photography (Vegan, volunteers time and talent for animal advocacy)


Sandrachile Photography (Vegan)


Mandy Whitley (Volunteers time and talent to local animal shelters, promotes animal rescue)


Kirsten McGee (Vegan)


Amber Shaw Photography (Vegan)


Studio Olivia (Vegan, volunteer photographer for shelter pets)

Creative Look Studios (Vegan married couple)


Wills-Domain-Wedding-Photography-Videography-Margaret-River-Perth-Australia-Bali-New-Zealand_Zaneta-Van-Zy vegan australia
Still from Natasha + Chidozie from Zaneta Van Zyl on Vimeo.



Ruffit Media (Vegan)

Western Australia:

Zaneta Van Zyl (Vegan, also a photographer)


British Columbia:

Jennifer Picard (Vegan, also a photographer)

United States


Tea Light Studios (Vegan married couple)


Marshall Camera (Vegan)


Creative Look Studios (Vegan married couple)


Image of bridesmaid bouquets with sunflowers for Colorado vegan wedding
Florals by MJM Designs, Photo by Meigan Canfield Photography

United States

California (Northern):

Ash + Oak (Vegan)


MJM Studios (Donates 5% to animal shelters)


Whiskey Daisy Floral (Vegan)

Hair & Makeup Professionals

Bride getting bridal makeup done by vegan makeup artist Lauren Harvey
Getting my bridal hair & makeup done by Lauren Harvey, Photo by Meigan Canfield Photography

* Terminology Note: When discussing cosmetics, people occasionally get confused between the labels “vegan” vs. “cruelty-free”. For our purposes here, these labels mean the following:

Cruelty-Free Products =  Not tested on animals (but may or may not contain animal products)

Vegan Products = Do not contain ingredients sourced from animals (usually these products are not tested on animals, but not always)

Vegan Artist = In addition to using vegan and cruelty-free products, the hair or makeup artist is personally vegan. Please note, just because it doesn’t say “Vegan Artist” doesn’t mean the artist is not vegan, but rather that I couldn’t confirm it based on public information.

Because people tend to use the terms interchangeably, and because makeup artists tend to switch up preferred products occasionally, it’s best to double check with your hair and makeup professionals to make sure their methods and products are aligned with your mission.


New South Wales:

Xya Grant (Hair & Makeup): Uses cruelty-free products, vegan products available


Kymarie Makeup (Hair & Makeup): Vegan artist, uses vegan and cruelty-free products

Carly Stone (Makeup): Uses vegan and cruelty-free products

South Australia:

Jordan McShane (Makeup): Vegan artist, uses vegan and cruelty-free products

Everlove Makeup Artistry (Makeup): Vegan artist, uses vegan and cruelty-free products


Nicole Groch (Hair & Makeup): Vegan artist, uses vegan and cruelty-free products

Western Australia:

MUA Perth (Makeup): Vegan artist, uses vegan and cruelty-free products



Eva D’Angelo Beauty (Hair & Makeup): Uses cruelty-free and vegan products

Lisa Ann Torti (Makeup): Vegan artist, uses vegan and cruelty-free products


Sevil Sukjurova (Makeup): Vegan artist, uses vegan and cruelty-free products


Eleh Makeup (Makeup): Vegan artist, uses vegan and cruelty-free products

United Kingdom

Greater London:

Emma Olliff (Makeup): Vegan artist, uses vegan and cruelty-free products


Gilly Church (Hair & Makeup): Vegan artist, uses vegan and cruelty-free products

North Ayrshire:

Shauni Makeup (Makeup): Vegan artist, uses cruelty-free and vegan products


Tanya Westley (Makeup): Vegan artist, uses cruelty-free and vegan products

United States


Makeup Artistry by Tamera (Makeup):

California (Northern):

Posh Makeup Studios (Hair & Makeup): Vegan artist, uses cruelty-free and vegan products

California (Southern):

Hanna Fisher (Makeup): Vegan artist, uses cruelty-free and vegan products


Lauren Harvey (Hair & Makeup): Vegan artist, uses cruelty-free and vegan products

Alli B. (Makeup): Vegan artist, uses cruelty-free and vegan products


Sheena Marie (Makeup): Vegan artist, uses cruelty-free and vegan products


Starship Salon (Hair & Makeup): Owner is vegan artist; uses cruelty-free and vegan products

New York:

Jasmine Clark & Co. (Makeup): Uses cruelty-free and vegan products

Wedding Planners


Mais Respect (Vegan event planning)


Wanderlust Weddings (Experience in planning vegan weddings; wrote this vegan wedding guide for French Wedding Style)


Francesca Craparotta (Vegan)


Open The Door Events (Vegetarian, has experience planning vegan weddings)

United Kingdom


Amethyst Weddings (Vegan)

United States

California (Southern):

Lauren Kimble (Vegan)

Bowties and Lace (Vegan Owner)

New Jersey:

Emily Monus (Vegan)

This list is still actively being built and will be updated frequently!

If you are an animal-friendly vendor or you have one to recommend, please fill out this form or send details to!

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