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Oh hi! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 My name is Jessica Schlueter (my married name will soon be Jessica Hoar…but I’m slowwwwly adapting to that big change); I write and run The Tree Kisser blog. I live in Denver, CO with my new husband and our four rescue pups. I’ve been an animal lover my whole life, but I entered a new level of commitment nearly a decade ago when I decided to cut animal products out of my diet and my wardrobe.

With my second “foster fail” Bruiser

I spent seven years learning about animal advocacy and plant-based eating in Los Angeles and San Diego before relocating last year to my hometown of Denver!

My intention here on this blog and on my social media pages is to help you incorporate more animal-friendly choices into your life, whether that be by teaching you my favorite vegan mac ‘n cheese recipes, educating you about creative ways to help shelter pets, recommending cruelty-free beauty products, or photographing the newest faux leather fashion! When necessary, yes, I call myself vegan, but I’m not a big fan of labels- especially ones that are so often misinterpreted. Someone who adopts a plant-based diet may call themselves vegan, despite still buying animal-tested products. Someone may say they have a vegan cousin when in reality that cousin is a vegetarian. I say I’m vegan but I still eat vegetables that may have killed some animals in their harvesting (or via habitat destruction). So sure, this is a “vegan blog” in that I advocate abstaining from any form of animal exploitation, but it’s more of a Do The Least Harm Possible Blog. Or a Make Compassionate Choices Blog. And an Always Keep Learning and Doing Better For The Planet Blog. I hope that works for you!

Prior to last month (November 2017), I owned and ran The Tree Kisser online apparel store, which was created to raise money and awareness for animal rescue and animal advocacy issues. In four years of running that business, my fabulous customers allowed me to donate over $50,000 to deserving non-profits! If you came here hoping to shop, I’m very sorry to tell you I closed the business; I know it’s going to be confusing for a while.

15319076_10104465527424050_7248747919967242026_nThere were many reasons, but the most important was that I had just lost my passion for making and shipping shirts. I’m in the process of putting together a list of other pro-animal apparel brands you can support in my place; once that’s done I’ll link to it here! HUGE THANKS to all who encouraged and supported me in that venture; I learned so so so much and I can’t wait to get back to sharing information!

Please be sure to follow me on Instagram for all my latest posts! I love new friends 🙂 Thank you for caring about animals in need!




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4 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Happy to know of you and all the inspiring things you do. I would like to cite you in class writings, please direct me to citation information. I suppose your last name is the only missing data, if you do not publish that, I will then use the article title. Thank you <3

  2. Jessica I just stumbled over your site and your article on impissible burger. All I can say is wow how refreshing your voice is. I have run into the same vitriol at a meeting for the future of our neighborhood park in Colorado springs. It seems no one can disagree anymore without wanting to rip the larynx of the other person out with their teeth. I love your passion and total honesty about those ethical gray areas we all bump into at times. I agree with you about hearing opposing views. I don’t believe others voices should be silenced I just think that civility is a must. We can’t accomplish anything good without it. I wish more people could express themselves without knee jerk hysterics but I guess this is the world we live in now. Your a class act and I look foreward to browsing your site more. Blessings.

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