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Yesterday I was eating breakfast and saw an Instagram direct message pop up on my phone. One of my readers was asking if I had any recommendations for a vegan slipper, because she was buying a gift for her husband and wanted to find a cruelty-free option. I thought I’d spend two minutes looking for the names of brands I’d bought from before, but it ended up taking over my whole afternoon yesterday and much of the day today! Not only were the companies I bought from before no longer vegan (or unwilling to confirm), but I also found a whole lot of other misleading, confusing products out there. Most notably, I found quite a few slippers categorized as “vegan” that clearly contained wool (click here for my post on why I don’t wear wool). Fortunately I did finally find a few options for both men and women, but let me tell you, there’s a huge opportunity out there for one of you to launch an animal-friendly (and planet-friendly) slipper company!! Without further ado, here’s what I found!

Please note, only some of these slippers come from 100% vegan companies (if so, they are labeled as such), so if you head over to their websites for other styles, be sure to read all the materials lists!

*I do have affiliate relationships with some of the retailers listed in this post; if you make a purchase through my links, I may make a commission (at no extra cost to you). I donate 10% of any commissions to animal rescues! 



Acorn Women’s Faux Chinchilla Slipper Bootie

These are the slippers I own and love, so that’s why they’re at the top! They’re so snug, cozy, and supportive, I forget I’m wearing them. Which explains why if you watch my Instagram stories, you may have seen me recently go grocery shopping in them (oops!). Fortunately they have non-slip, weatherproof soles, so you can chase your dogs around the snowy yard without changing your footwear!

Buy (prices vary) at: Amazon or Acorn


Pawj California (100% Vegan Brand)

Pawj is a pretty new company out of Southern California. Their line is primarily focused on selling animal-friendly alternatives to Ugg-style boots, but they have this one pair of slippers as well! Many styles have been selling out due to their massive popularity (that’s a good sign!) but it looks like you can still pre-order these slippers before the holidays!

Buy (Currently $79.97) at Pawj Online


Freewaters Chloe Slipper (100% Vegan Brand!)

I just learned about this company today, but I’m already impressed! Not only are all of their shoes and slippers vegan, but they also use 1% of sales to fund clean water initiatives! Customers rave about their comfort and arch support, so these are probably going on my Christmas wish list.

Buy (prices vary) at: Amazon or Freewaters


Skechers BOBS Keepsakes Ice Angel Slipper

Fun fact I just learned; on the Sketchers website, you can put “vegan” in the search box and it actually gives you accurate results! And thus, we have the BOBS Keepsakes slippers, which come in a few colors and fabrics (the “leather” on some options is faux). I found these thanks to a Facebook friend who says she wears them almost every day at home, and they’ve still comfy and in tact after a year! Pretty good value for the investment. Extra bonus, for every pair of Sketchers BOBS shoes/slippers sold, Sketchers is donating 25 cents to help shelter pets at Best Friends Animal Society! That may not sound like much, but given their huge customer base, it’s making a big impact; Sketchers has pledged to donate at least 3 million dollars through this program.

Buy (prices vary) at: Amazon or Sketchers

Toms Birch Sweater Knit Womens Ivy Vegan Slipper

Toms Birch Sweater Knit Ivy Slippers

We all know what to expect from Toms, so I won’t go into too much detail! For those who don’t know, every pair of Toms shoes purchased sends a pair of shoes to a child in need. Their selection always has at least a few vegan options (see them all here), but these sweater knit ones look the very coziest!

Buy (currently $39.99) at: Toms 


Offridge Pair Vegan Crochet Slippers

These adorable handmade house slippers are intended to be worn indoors only, but they’re so cute that I’m okay with that. This shop also makes handmade socks that have received rave reviews from buyers!

Buy (currently $40) at Etsy


Isotoner Cable Knit Clog Slippers

Isotoner has a wide variety of vegan men’s and women’s styles, but these were my favorite! Because what’s more cozy and wintery than a cable knit exterior with a plush, faux sherpa cuff? Most of Isotoner’s slippers I saw online were contained all manmade materials (lots of microsuede, faux sherpa fur,  but be sure to read the product descriptions to double check!), so you’re sure to find the right style for yourself and your loved ones!

Buy (prices vary) at Amazon or Isotoner



Freewaters Jeffrey Slipper (100% Vegan Brand!)

As mentioned above, I just learned about this company today, but I’m already impressed! Not only are all of their shoes and slippers vegan, but they also use 1% of sales to fund clean water initiatives! Customers rave about their comfort and arch support, so I can easily imagine grabbing these as a Christmas gift for my husband (here’s hoping he doesn’t read the blog!)

Buy (prices vary) at: Amazon or Freewaters


Toms Red Plaid Men’s Berkeley Slippers

The faux shearling lining is what seals in the coziness for these festive slippers. Toms also sells a couple other cruelty-free mens styles, just be sure to read the product description and look for the word “vegan”! As with all Toms shoes, buying a pair sends a pair of shoes to a child in need.

Buy (prices vary) at: Amazon (the “red plaid” and the “grey slub textile” colors are the vegan options) or Toms


KEEN Howser Slippers II

I know these aren’t our idea of cozy Christmas morning slip ons, but I included them because of how much my husband loves his Keen hiking sandals (he doesn’t have the slippers). Described to be, “like a sleeping bag for your foot,” Keen slipper soles use a blend of recycled polyurethane, cork, and memory foam to provide the utmost comfort. Despite the warm, welcoming microfleece lining that makes it a “slipper”, you can still wear them about town if need be.

Buy (currently $80) at: KEEN


Sanuk Vagabond Chill Slip-On

Sanuk has a great variety of non-leather products, but you really have to pour through product descriptions to find the vegan ones. Fortunately, the Vagabond Chill slippers make the cut! They’re made with a faux shearling lining that keeps feet cozy and warm. Extra bonus: the soles leave smily face prints behind!

Buy (prices vary) at: Amazon or Sanuk


Airwalk Charles Mom Slipper

Honestly, sometimes you have to look at the bottom of the price range to find what I call “accidentally vegan” shoes. Basically, the manufacturers aren’t necessarily trying to avoid animal materials, they just can’t afford them. Still, you have to double and triple check, but since I found these through a PETA recommendation, I feel pretty safe. The website description notes the faux suede and mentions that the shoe is comprised of “fabric and manmade materials”.

Buy (currently $9.99) at: Payless


Mahabis Summer Slipper

I put Mahabis in the “men’s” category to even things out, but technically these are unisex (every style comes in women’s and men’s sizes). Mahabis seem to be one of the most highly rated slipper companies out there, according to rave reviews across numerous publications. Wired magazine calls them, “slippers for people who don’t do slippers.” GQ says, “Mahabis have completely reinvented the slipper from ground-up.” The Daily Telegraph calls them, “A masterpiece of comfort and practicality.” That better all be true, given their price tag of $110+! Only the lighter weight “Summer Slippers” are vegan*, so I recommend these for someone whose feet get too hot in other slippers!

* Mahabis doesn’t list these as officially vegan, because despite being made without any animal-sourced fabrics, they can’t confirm all glue sourcing to be animal-free. However, since I buy things like kitchen appliances, furniture, etc. without truly knowing if the glue is animal-free, I still consider these to be a compassionate choice. 

Buy (currently $110 or $120 for the black special edition) at: Mahabis

That’s what I’ve found thus far! If you know of any cruelty-free slippers, please feel free to link to them in the comments! Extra points if they’re environmentally conscious…that’s been tricky to find.

As always, thank you for leaving animals out of your wardrobe and letting them keep the skin they’re in!


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