Vegan Jackets & Coats for Fall/Winter 2020

It used to feel nearly impossible to find vegan jackets and coats for winter. Due to demand from compassionate consumers, it gets easier every year! It can still take some time to do the research, investigate the materials, and ensure that the options don’t contain any sneaky animal products. For example, they may contain real fur trim, leather tags, silk lining, down insulation, etc. I’m happy to do the work for you in order to pin down the most vegan-friendly brands out there!

This list includes both light vegan jackets and heavy vegan jackets. To ensure a wide variety of style and budget options, I’ve included options from independent vegan brands as well as more mainstream vegan-friendly brands.

Terminology note:

I want to make your animal-friendly shopping as easy as possible, so I’ve assigned labels to each business. “Fully vegan retailer/brand” means you’re safe to purchase anything from their website, because they never use or sell animal products. “Vegan-friendly retailer/brand” means the brand consistently carries plentiful vegan options. For this category, you should still double check materials. Finally, “Carries vegan brands/jackets” means the business does sell many animal products, so you’ll definitely need to check materials lists carefully.

** Updated for 2020! **

Heavy Vegan Jackets & Coats

Noize Original (fully vegan brand)

noize vegan parkas

Vegan jackets shown above are the Long Quilted Parka, the Packable Quilted Hooded Jacket, and the Wavy Quilted Packable Hooded Puffer Coat.

Noize has made outerwear fit for frigid Canadian winters since 1978! Their entire collection is now animal-free, with most jackets adorned by faux fur trim. In their own words, Noize “has the ability to mimic haute couture trends without any cruelty making it easy to stay warm, elegant and compassionate.” Last winter I acquired one of their parkas (a similar style to the Hannah) and it kept me cozy and chic through my own chilly winter here in Denver, CO. With the availability of warm winterwear like this, who needs to kill animals anymore?

Shop vegan jackets at Noize OriginalNordstrom or (often on sale!) at Nordstrom Rack.

Save The Duck (fully vegan brand)

Vegan jackets shown above are the Women’s Giga Hooded Coat with Faux Lambskin Lining, the Women’s Luck Maxi-Quilted Hooded Coat, and the Men’s Giga Winer Hooded Puffer Jacket with Faux Sherpa Lining.

Save The Duck is making the case that one can easily, comfortably, and stylishly survive winter weather without using animals in ANY way. Accordingly, their jackets and vests contain no fur, no leather, no wool, and (most notably) no down feathers! These sporty and sustainable jackets are available in styles for men, women, and children (check out this ADORABLE baby snow onesie!). Celebrities like Megan Fox, Naomi Watts, Isla Fischer, and Alessandra Ambrosio have become big fans of the brand! Save The Duck is highly dedicated to animal advocacy. Because of this, they have donated to organizations like PETA, Save The Dogs, the World Wildlife Fund, and others.

Shop vegan jackets at Save The Duck, Amazon, and (always on sale!) Nordstrom Rack.

Matt & Nat (fully vegan brand)

Vegan winter jackets shown above are the Kenya Vegan Bomber Jacket, the Giada Puffer Jacket, and the Zuri Cargo Jacket.

Matt & Nat is one of the most trusted, high-quality vegan brands out there, so I’m thrilled to see they’ve added an outerwear collection! Since 1995, Matt & Nat has been a pioneer in the cruelty-free fashion industry. In addition to being fully vegan, they also prioritize sustainable materials like recycled polyester. At the moment they only have outerwear for women, but I still encourage you to check out their extensive line of men’s accessories!

Shop vegan jackets at Matt & Nat.

Hunter (vegan-friendly brand)

hunter vegan parkas

Vegan winter jackets shown above are the Women’s Original Insulated Parka, the Women’s Original Puffer Jacket, and the Women’s Original A-Line Puffer Jacket.

I just discovered that Hunter, an iconic British boot company founded in 1856, is diving into the vegan fashion world! I’ve always featured their boots in my vegan snow boot guide, but they now make a wide range of clearly labeled vegan jackets as well! Their “vegan edit” currently includes a whopping 278 items.

Upon first glance, it looks like all or at least most of their current outerwear (for women and men) seems to be vegan. Given that this isn’t a fully vegan brand, you should still check the materials before purchase.

(PLEASE NOTE: As of November 14, 2020, Hunter doesn’t seem to be offering quite as many heavy jackets this year. I’m hoping that will change in the future, so I’m leaving them in this post!)

Shop vegan winter jackets at Hunter.

Patagonia (carries vegan jackets)

patagonia down-free coats

Vegan jackets shown above are the Women’s Insulated Snowbelle Jacket the Men’s Macro Puff Jacket, and the Women’s Macro Puff Hoody.

Patagonia is a company that prides itself on stewardship of the environment, so they carry a lot of vegan options! In addition to their cruelty-free options, Patagonia also sources innovative eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester! They do use down and wool in many of their jackets, but with just a few minutes of searching you’ll certainly be able to find cruelty-free options.

Shop vegan jackets and coats for men and women at Patagonia.  

Carhartt (carries vegan jackets)

winter outerwear from carhartt

Vegan jackets shown above are the Weathered Wildwood Jacket, the Washed Duck Sherpa Lined Jacket, and the Yukon Extremes Insulated Parka.

I initially discovered Carhartt when my husband started a reclaimed lumber business. All the sudden, he was desperately in need of extremely durable outerwear, which is exactly what Carhartt specializes in! They make many jackets with variations of their “duck” fabric, which does NOT contain materials from real ducks. For Carhartt, “duck” simply refers to hardy cotton (occasionally nylon) with different treatments. And rest assured, the Carhartt representative I spoke to confirmed that the patches on their garments are synthetic, not leather.

Shop vegan jackets at Carhartt or Amazon.

Wuxly Movement (fully vegan brand)

wully outerwear vegan parka women's men's

Vegan jackets shown above are the women’s Doe Parka, the men’s Elk Parka, and the Squirrel Toque.

Wuxly Movement is a Canadian vegan outerwear brand making incredibly high quality materials with a classic, almost vintage, style. The founders created Wuxly Movement as an alternative to cruelty-laden brand Canada Goose. Their women’s “Doe Parka” was absolutely everywhere this past winter, showing up on models and vegan style icons all across Instagram! I managed to hold off on the purchase last year, but I have a feeling I’ll be splurging this season!

Shop vegan coats and jackets at Wuxly Movement.

Light Vegan Jackets & Coats

Nordstrom (carries vegan jackets)

three vegan jackets from nordstrom

Vegan jackets pictured above are the Free People Teddy Swing Jacket, the Thread & Supply Wubbly Fleece Pullover, and the BB Dakota Wade Drape Front Faux Suede Jacket.

It’s become surprisingly easy to find vegan fashion at Nordstrom in recent years! Just be sure to check materials listed in item descriptions. They have a wide variety of faux leather options, as well as some “accidentally vegan” styles. “Accidentally vegan” is my term for when the designer may or may not have created the piece with a vegan consumer in mind. A few of my favorites are linked above, but be sure to peruse the whole selection!

Shop vegan jackets at Nordstrom.

Tentree (vegan-friendly brand)

eco-friendly vegan jackets

Vegan jackets above are the Women’s Destination Rain Jacket, the Women’s Bailey Hooded Bomber, and the Men’s Destination Mountain Jacket.

Tentree is one of those rare, exceptional brands that cares about animals and the environment! They use almost zero animal products with the exception of some wool. Even their leather-looking patches are made from sustainable cork! Using materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester, Tentree offers eco-friendly apparel that doesn’t break the bank. They also plant ten trees for every item purchased! They’ve planted more than 24 million trees since their launch! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Shop vegan jackets at Tentree.

Nois New York (fully vegan retailer)

vegan jackets from nois new york

Vegan styles shown above are the Moteuka Quilted Short Jacket White, the Unisex Tailored Grey Top Coat, and the Light Trench Coat Khaki.

Nois New York started as a street style blog, but evolved into a cruelty-free online boutique! They offer a wide range of vegan fashion, including jackets. At Nois New York, you’ll find some traditional styles and looks, but you’ll also discover new trends and creative couture, all made without harming any animals!

Shop vegan jackets at Nois New York.

Free People (carries vegan jackets)

vegan jackets from free people

Vegan styles shown above are the Melrose Vegan Moto Jacket, the Sasha Faux Fur Coat, and the Teddy Shirt Jacket.

Free People has been offering more and more vegan options with every new season, which is so exciting for lifelong fans of the Free People aesthetic! They do carry quite a few animal products, so it’s important to check the materials. Prices definitely vary at Free People, so be sure to check out their payment plans if you want to splurge on one of the pricier coats!

Shop vegan jackets at Free People.

ASOS (carries vegan jackets)

affordable jackets without wool

Vegan styles pictured above are the Longline Trench Coat with Statement Buttons, the Missguided Pocket Detail Coat, and the Wednesday’s Girl Oversized Zip-Through Jacket.

You can always count on ASOS to have a wide variety of animal-friendly pieces, from footwear to bags to jackets! They don’t have a vegan filter for outerwear, but they generally have more vegan options than not. They also carry some very affordable options, and they offer a plan to split your purchase into four payments. Just give the materials lists a quick scan before purchasing!

Shop vegan jackets at ASOS.

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  2. Thank you for taking the time to write this. Your article was the only confirmation I could find of Carhartt labels being synthetic, not leather. Small details such as labels can be a little tricky to uncover so thank you! 🙂

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