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Portobello “Bacon” Wrapped Cashew Cheese Filled Dates; Vegan Catering by Epicurean Group, photo by Meigan Canfield

If you’re planning an animal-friendly wedding, your first thought is probably about the vegan catering. After all, this is where you can make the biggest impact for animals. The average American wedding has 120 guests; therefore, by feeding them plant-based cuisine, you’re sparing the lives of dozens or even hundreds of animals in just one day! For my husband and me, having both been vegan for nearly a decade, we were 100% committed to fully vegan catering from the start, but many couples struggle with the decision of what to serve. Here are some common issues and questions I often hear and would love to address:

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“I don’t want to force my diet on everyone…”

First of all, it’s not a diet. Yes, we’re talking about food, but only as a piece of a larger commitment to protecting animals. This isn’t like forcing everyone to ditch carbs or go raw because you’re trying to lose weight; rather, it’s asking the people who care about you to abstain from eating animals while celebrating your love. Here is the mantra you’ll have to repeat (I required daily reminders, because I tend to be a people pleaser): This. Is. Your. Day. Well, yours and your fiancé’s. If the two of you have committed to cruelty-free vegan catering, the people in your life need to respect it.

You’ll probably receive the occasional snide comment, but if you’re vegan, you’re already used to that. Remember that this is ONE meal out of your guests’ entire lives. Unless they’ve never had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, they’ve definitely gone without animal products before. Personally, I know I probably wouldn’t have been able to truly enjoy the day if I were surrounded by meat and dairy, especially if I had to pay for it. Fortunately, we know that vegan catering and cuisine can be incredibly gourmet and decadent, so you’re really “forcing” a new and eye-opening experience on the people you love!

“My parents are paying for the wedding, and they want to serve meat…”

This is a tricky one. If your parents are footing the bill for the big day, they’ll probably want to have a say in some of the choices. When discussing the food, I would echo some of what I mentioned above: explain to them that serving meat would truly make it harder for you to enjoy what is supposed to be among the happiest days of your life. Weddings are expensive, so it’s important to remain appreciative, respectful, and verbally grateful throughout the process. Depending on the personalities of your parents, it may be helpful to compromise in some other areas. It’s also possible that your family may not be very familiar with vegan food at all; in that case, offer to take them out to dinner a couple times (especially if you’re near any vegan restaurants) or cook them an elaborate feast (make sure it’s something you’ve practiced!).

The words “vegan catering” might have them fearing three courses of bland salad; therefore, it’s your job to show them how far that is from the truth! Food also tends to be an emotional topic for people. It’s more than sustenance; it’s tradition, it’s nostalgia, and most of all, it can be a common cultural thread that links generations of a family together. If your parents are struggling with what they perceive as a lost opportunity to celebrate your family’s special cuisine, explore the possibility of veganizing a family favorite and adding that item to the menu.

vegan wedding appetizers cruelty-free catering cocktail hour
Appetizer platter from my wedding Photo by Meigan Canfield

So, now that you’re all revved up and excited about vegan catering, let’s figure out how to get it! You can either work with a vegan caterer, or talk to a conventional caterer about designing a plant-based meal. I combined the two by having my favorite vegan chef (whose gourmet vegan restaurant I worked in for years) design the menu and recipes for a local catering company to prepare and serve.

If you’re working with a conventional caterer, first find out if they’ve catered vegan weddings (or even provided vegan options) before. If so, have them show you menus. Keep your standards high; don’t let them talk you into subpar food just because they aren’t creative or talented enough. In my experience, non-vegan chefs often start with what they think vegans eat, i.e.: lots of quinoa. They also tend to confuse vegan with gluten-free, which of course it doesn’t have to be. If you want a gluten-free quinoa feast, that’s your choice, but if not, you may need to teach them about some more gourmet options. My #1 piece of advice is to make sure you include some hearty, decadent items that don’t leave your guests feeling unsatiated. Take a look at these menus (from restaurants and caterers) for inspiration:

*note: the menus that say “vegetarian” are actually vegan; some restaurants use the word vegetarian because they feel it’s more enticing.

Extra note: If working with a non-vegan caterer that doesn’t have extensive experience catering vegan weddings, I recommend calling in a consultant to walk them through the basics of things like cashew cream, plant-based proteins, the best vegan substitutes, etc. Reach out to the experts at Spork Foods for this service!

Vegan and Vegan-Friendly Caterers

Below is a list of caterers that are either fully vegan or have solid experience catering vegan events. I intend to expand this list substantially over time, so be sure to check back in! If you have a vegan or vegan-friendly caterer to recommend, please send details to!

Scroll on through or skip ahead to your country: Australia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States,


organic passion vegan catering australia cheese platter
Vegan cheese & dips platter by Organic Passion (Byron Bay, NSW)

New South Wales:

Organic Passion (fully vegan)

Secret Creek Cafe (fully vegan, must use their venue)

Food by Pepe (fully vegan)

South Australia:

Studio Voodoo (fully vegan)


Shanti Vegetariano (fully vegetarian, vegan-friendly)



Roni’s Kitchen (fully vegetarian, very vegan-friendly)


Vert Catering (vegan-friendly)

Leaf & Bone (vegan-friendly)

Costa Rica

Vibra Cocina (fully vegan)


Simple Green by Jelena (fully vegan)

Dominican Republic

AmaLuna Vegan Restaurant (fully vegan)


Gengöök (fully vegan)


vegan wedding caterer france les doigts dans le pot
Marine Flavors: Seaweed tartare, Maki, Buckwheat Blini and Sea Rillettes with Salicornia by Les Doigts Dans Le Pot (Plélan-le-Petit, France)

Angelika Furster (fully vegan)

Les Doigts Dans Le Pot (fully vegan)

Kalon Paris (fully vegan)

Gentle Gourmet (fully vegan)


Veganani (fully vegan)

Bloom & Echo (fully vegan)


Ratjetoe (fully vegan)


Bau Events (fully vegan)

Rajnee’s (vegan-friendly)

Z Taste (fully vegan)


pachamama italy vegan wedding catering Fettuccine with fresh shiitake mushrooms
Fettuccine with fresh shiitake mushrooms by Pachamama Veg (Naples, Italy)

Pachamama Veg (fully vegan)


Vista Verde Catering (vegan-friendly)


De Gewilde Keuken (fully vegan)


Torres & Hellman (vegan-friendly)


Veg Anne (fully vegan)

United Kingdom

vegan canape platter wedding cashew catering
Vegan Canapé Platter by Cashew Catering (East Sussex)


Fairfoods (fully vegan)

The Instow Kitchen (vegetarian, but vegan-friendly)


The Simply Group (vegan-friendly)

East Sussex:

Cashew Catering (fully vegetarian)


Rupert’s Street (fully vegan)

Nama Foods (fully vegan and raw)

Vegan Peasant (fully vegan)


Megafauna (fully vegan)


Croxfords Caterers (vegan-friendly)


Tallulah’s Catering (vegan-friendly)


Epic Veg Kitchen (fully vegan; donates 15% of profits to animal rescue organizations)

West Midlands:

ChangeKitchen (fully vegetarian, vegan-friendly)

West Yorkshire:

Cool Beans (fully vegan)

United States


Little River Hardware (vegan-friendly)


Alaskan Events and Catering (vegan-friendly)


Shambala Mobile Vegan (fully vegan)

California (Northern):

From The Garden (fully vegan)

California (Southern):

crossroads kitchen vegan wedding catering Seafood-Tower
Vegan “Seafood” tower by Crossroads Kitchen (Los Angeles, CA)

Crossroads Kitchen (fully vegan)

Spork Foods (fully vegan)

Melrose Catering (vegan-friendly)

Seabirds Kitchen (fully vegan)

Jennie Cooks (vegan-friendly)

Krimsey’s (fully vegan)

Riot Grill (fully vegan)

Veganics Catering (fully vegan)

Plant Rebel Events (fully vegan)


Epicurean Catering (vegan-friendly; catered my wedding!)

GB Culinary (vegan-friendly)

Wong Way Veg (fully vegan)

Orange Crunch (vegan-friendly)


G-Zen Restaurant (fully vegan)

Monet’s Catering (vegan-friendly)

A Thyme To Cook (vegan-friendly)

David Alan Caterers (vegan-friendly)


matthew kenney miami florida vegan wedding catering
Gourmet plant-based appetizer platter by Matthew Kenney Cuisine (Miami, FL)

Matthew Kenney Cuisine (fully vegan)

Thierry Isambert (vegan-friendly)

End of the Line Cafe (fully vegan)


Curbside Veggie Grill (fully vegan)


Fancy Plants Catering (fully vegan)


Food Art Inc. (vegan-friendly)


Simply Pure

Vegan Meals by Mindy

New Jersey:

Rustic Food Custom Catering (vegan-friendly)

New York:

Beyond Sushi (fully vegan)

Stronghearts Cafe (fully vegan)

Azbuka Catering (fully vegan)

Tastes Vegan (fully vegan)

Plant Rebel Events (fully vegan)

North Carolina:

Old Edwards Inn (vegan-friendly; must use their venue)

Mozzarella Fellas (not fully vegan, but very vegan-friendly)


The Vegan Caterer (fully vegan)

AVIV (fully vegan)


Miss Rachel’s Pantry (fully vegan)

Holly Hedge (vegan-friendly, must use their venue)


Ripe Cuisine (fully vegan)

This list will be updated continuously; if you have a vegan or vegan-friendly caterer to recommend, please fill out the form below or email details to!

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