Eco-Friendly School Supplies from Amazon!

ECO-FRIENDLY school supplies sustainable bamboo

I know I’m a little too late for back-to-school schedules in some parts of the world, but I assume there are still some procrastinators out there scrambling for eco-friendly school supplies! Amazon to the rescue! I put together this list for those of you hoping to instill a love for the planet in your little ones while ensuring that they’re prepared for the year ahead.

eco-friendly school supplies sustainable

I’m not a parent yet (unless you count mothering my four rescue dogs), but this list was genuinely fun to put together because I used to *love* shopping for school supplies. There was always something exciting about starting a new year with a new set of tools…so much potential for success! Unfortunately, kids often end up throwing most things away at the end of the year, which leads to a lot of waste. You can’t avoid the waste completely, but you can certainly start on the right track by making planet-friendly choices from the start!

On this list of eco-friendly school supplies, you’ll find a solar powered calculator, a bamboo ruler, sustainably made (corn-based) scissors, non-toxic glue sticks, cork backpacks, and (my personal favorite), pencils that turn into herb gardens when planted! Feel free to let me know what I missed!



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