My Top 10 Picks from the “World of Etsy” Sale Event!

Etsy just launched their “World of Etsy” sale, and I immediately had to check it out! I love clicking through pages of Etsy shops, never really knowing what I’m looking for, but always finding something I absolutely NEED. Because they mostly work with artisans and small businesses without huge profit margins, they don’t often have sales, but right now some shops are offering up to 50% off select items!

I spent a few hours combing through all the available options, doing my best to steer clear of tacky nonsense and copycat designs (both of which you’ll occasionally see among the Etsy listings). Below are my top picks for animal lovers, pet parents, vegan chefs, and quirky world changers! Whether you’re treating yourself or searching for gifts for animal-loving newlyweds, pregnant moms, or other friends, you’re sure to find a good deal!

*Note: This post contains affiliate links, which help me continue to help animals. Details on that can be found here!

“I Hope You Like Dogs” Custom Doormat 

Currently $36.00 $40.00 (10% OFF)

etsy custom doormat I hope you like dogs doormat

So, when my husband finally bought our own house a few years ago, I immediately ordered my own custom doormat featuring this exact phrase. It’s still on our front porch, warning unsuspecting visitors to prepare themselves for the home full of attention-loving rescue dogs they’re about to encounter! People begged me to start making and selling them, but I never did. Fortunately, either by coincidence or magic, Etsy’s Fox & Clover Boutique makes these, and I love them!

Fox & Clover offers a wide variety of design options (if you’re an animal lover and/or wine lover, you’re in luck), including completely custom designs, so you can definitely choose other phrases or get creative on your own. Personally though, the “I Hope You Like Dogs” doormat is my favorite because I identify so strongly!

Click to grab the “I Hope You Like Dogs” Custom Doormat!

Avocado Boyfriend Tee

Currently $14.40 $18.00+ (20% OFF)

etsy avocado boyfriend tee vegan vegetarian veggie avo

I normally hesitate to recommend apparel that I haven’t personally worn, because online apparel can really range in quality. However, the DentzDenim Etsy shop’s 5 Star average after 10,000+ reviews made me feel pretty confident! Also, this Avocado tee is just kind of adorable. In fact, I’m probably about to buy it. Profess your love of healthy fats and plant-based power in this screen printed boyfriend tee!

Click to grab the Avocado Boyfriend Tee!

Organic Cotton Fox Nursery Blanket/Baby Mat

Currently $80.57 $107.43 (25% OFF)

world of etsy sale organic cotton fox animal baby blanket nursery pad

I don’t have a baby, but many of my friends do (or will soon), so this jumped out at me! “Wow Mom Design” offers numerous other animal shapes (bear, penguin, tiger, etc.), but I’m a fox lover so this is my favorite! Such an adorable addition to a nursery for a future animal lover! Keep in mind when ordering, these are handmade in Russia, so they can 2-6 weeks to arrive.

Please note, due to the popularity of the World of Etsy sale, quantities and availability seem to vary by the hour on these products. If the design you love is consistently showing “sold out”, I recommend contacting the shop owner!

Click to grab the Organic Cotton Fox Blanket!

Animal Silhouette Return Address Stamps

Currently $28.79+ $31.99+ (10% OFF)

etsy chihuahua dog animal custom return address family stamps

Personalize your outgoing mail with these animal themed, customizable return address stamps! Shown here is the chihuahua silhouette (because I’m an obsessive chihuahua rescuer), but this shop offers not only numerous dog breeds, but also other animal shapes as well. Envelopes adorned with these rubber stamp prints are sure to put a smile on the face of your recipient. These would make a great gift for your animal-loving friends!

Click here to grab the Animal Silhouette Return Address Stamps!

Marble Patterned Dog Collar with Rose Gold Colored Hardware

Currently $47.64+ $56.04+ (15% OFF)

etsy custom dog collar marble mattern rose gold

I rarely pay attention to dog collar style, but these jumped out at me with their unique marble pattern and glistening hardware! Handmade in Germany, these collars are extremely popular with those who buy them, as evidenced by the 5 star reviews and adorable photos on the product page! Collars are made to order, and are available with matching leashes!

Click to grab the Marble Patterned Dog Collar with Rose Gold Colored Hardware!

Plant-Based Puns Tea Towel Set

Currently $25.46 $29.95 (15% OFF)

vegan veggie kitchen tea towels puns etsy

Admit it, we all have love/hate relationships with vegetable puns. Mine is occasionally more hate than love, but only because my brother is so much better at them than I am, and I’m competitive! A2D Creations makes a wide variety of printed, decorative kitchen towels, but these were my favorites. For those of you who love to take meal or recipe photos, these would make an adorable accent for the background!

Click to grab the Plant-Based Puns Tea Towel Set!

Floating Shelf Bed For Cats

Currently $102.02 $120.02+ $18.00 (15% OFF)

etsy floating shelf cat bed cozy

Live with a cat who loves to look down on you? Might as well give her someplace stylish and comfy to do so! These curved floating cat shelves have received rave reviews from more than 200 satisfied customers, which is impressive given most people’s (understandably) high standards for pet products! Customers attest to the fact that they are very easy to install, so no need to worry if you aren’t incredibly handy with a toolbox. Adorable cat not included, so go visit your local shelter if your shelf is empty 😉

Click to grab the Floating Shelf Bed For Cats!

Compassionate “Cuts” Poster Print

Currently $6.40+ $8.00+ (20% OFF)

This design gives the traditional “butcher’s cut” image a compassionate and modern update! Perfect for hanging in your vegan or vegetarian kitchen. These prints are available on art quality paper in sizes ranging from 4×6 inches to 12×17 inches. They don’t come framed, but the available sizes do fit standard frame sizes, so you can choose your own to match your decor! If you’re the type of chef who prefers animals to be friends, not food, this is the statement making print for you!

etsy vegan kitchen poster pig cow vegetarian cuts activism

Click to grab the Compassionate “Cuts” Poster Print!

Custom Ceramic Pet Dishes

Currently $22.40+ $28.00+ $5.60 (20% OFF)

Custom pet bowls etsy ceramic dog cat silhouette

It’s no surprise that animal rescue advocates often end up with a home full of pets (we’re currently at a total of four pups!), which can get confusing around dinner time! Especially if any of your furry friends have special dietary needs requiring different ingredients or supplements. It’s much easier to keep track of if the bowls have actual names and pictures on them! They’re also much more aesthetically pleasing when empty than a plain bowl would be.

Click here to grab the Custom Ceramic Pet Dishes!

Tree Print Organic Cotton Shopper

Currently $18.08 $36.16 (50% OFF)

etsy world sale organic cotton tree print tote

This extra large, eco-friendly tote is large and sturdy enough to carry a LOT! Whether you’re planning an extensive grocery shopping trip, a day at the beach, or just a walk with your busy kids, you can throw all your goodies into one big bag. The trees are printed in non-toxic inks, making sure your loose veggies and your baby bottles will stay uncontaminated.

Click to grab the Tree Print Organic Cotton Shopper!

Those are my top picks! The sale only lasts until March 29 and some supplies are limited, so be sure to grab your favorite items before it’s too late!

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