The Tree Kisser’s Ultimate Vegan Gift Guide for Winter 2018

I’ll be honest, I’ve been excited about putting together this guide to vegan gifts since…basically December 26, 2017. I’ve always been one of those over-the-top Christmas fans, and I don’t intend to change. I start playing Christmas music on November 1st. I watch Elf at least three times each holiday season. My husband’s marriage proposal was even Love Actually themed, because he knows how much I love it!

There’s just something indescribably magical about this time of year, and gifts have a lot to do with it. Since becoming (sort of) an adult, gifts have become much less about just accumulating stuff, and much more about the thought process that goes into gift selection. Others see gift shopping as a stressful activity, but I see it as an opportunity to spend time celebrating the qualities you love in the person who will be receiving your gift. It’s also an opportunity to reflect on your own values and priorities in hopes of sharing them through your kind gesture!

By purchasing and giving vegan gifts, you’re not only creating demand for animal-friendly products, you’re also helping your friends and family learn about them! Some gifts in this guide are explicitly and intentionally vegan (by which I mean, the creators made sure to use animal-friendly materials), and some just happen to be. Either way, by keeping your dollars away from animal exploitation, you’re making a difference!

The list below primarily contains guides I’ve assembled specifically for the purpose of this vegan gift guide, but you’ll also see links to a few older posts that are still relevant. For example, instead of just rewriting a designated “gift guide” for vegan winter boots, I’ve linked to my pre-existing post about vegan winter boots. Whether you’re gifting them to yourself or a loved one, the content is the same!

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping! May this season bring you and your loved ones (both human and non-human) nothing but joy!

The Best Vegan Gifts For Winter 2018

Click the links below to get to your category of choice!


Vegan gifts for women: Luxury cruelty-free skincare, vegan Uggs style boots, vegan perfume, and more!


Vegan gifts for men: Trendy vegan footwear, vegan leather belts, cruelty-free cologne, and more!


Vegan gifts under $30: Quirky kitchen tools, animal-themed slippers, cozy blankets and more!


Gifts for dog and cat lovers: Printed pajamas, customized pet portraits, dog themed jewelry, and more!


Eco-friendly vegan gifts for everyone: Pineapple “leather” watches, hemp scarves, recycled polyester fleeces, and more!


Vegan gifts that raise funds for animals: Outerwear, apparel, eyeglasses, and more, all that donate funds to animal rescues!


Gifts for new vegans: All the basics for starting a vegan life- plant based cookbooks, apparel, vegan wines, and more!


Vegan slippers: Cozy winter footwear for men and women, all without animal skins!


Vegan winter snow boots: Keep your feet warm and dry in the snow and rain!


Vegan fall boots & booties: Fashionable leather-free boots to keep you on trend!


Vegan coats and jackets: No need for wool, fur or down with so many cruelty-free options!


Vegan sweaters and sweatshirts: Bundle up with layers that don’t hurt animals!

General tips for buying vegan gifts:

If you’re looking for vegan gifts for friends or family members, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind. Most basically, vegan gifts are gifts that aren’t made with any animal materials or products. Vegan gifts don’t contain animal-sourced fabrics (leather, suede, fur, wool, angora, mohair, down, silk, or feathers) or animal-sourced ingredients (meat, fish, dairy, eggs, or honey).


You also want to make sure your vegan gifts weren’t tested on animals, which is primarily an issues for cosmetics and other personal care items. The absolute go-to source to double check whether or not a product was tested on animals is this list from blogger Logical Harmony!

If you’re nervous about your ability to source vegan gifts from larger companies who don’t always provide comprehensive information about their products, it’s best to start with fully vegan brands/retailers you can trust. Some of my very favorites (all of which are featured in the guide) are Matt & Nat (vegan leather goods), Pawj California (vegan Uggs style boots and slippers; don’t forget to use THETREEKISSER for 10% off!), Angela Roi (vegan handbags), Petit Vour (vegan retailer selling cosmetics, apparel, accessories, and more), Osea Malibu (luxury vegan skincare), Bhava Studio (vegan boots and shoes for women), and Hurtig Lane (vegan watches).

Of course, there are far more animal-friendly vegan gifts out there, many of which I’ve featured in the guide above! I’ve done my best to include options for every person on your list, but if you have more vegan gifts to recommend, please feel free to leave ideas in the comments section!

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