Summer Must Haves for Animal Lovers!

It has been absurdly hot here in Denver these past couple weeks. I’m talking mid to high 90’s, which feels nearly apocalyptic for early June. While I’ve been cursing the heat, it has helped me pinpoint some essentials for animal lovers to survive and thrive during these next few sweltering months! From reef-friendly sunscreen to plant-based barbecue treats to tools for helping dehydrated wildlife, these are the items and products I’m loving for this upcoming season.

Coola Suncare Mineral Face SPF 30 Sunscreen Matte Tint

coola mineral sunscreen vegan spf 30

When you’re heading out into the sun this summer, you know you need to be protected. What you might not know, or what you might forget about when time is of the essence, is how toxic and environmentally destructive some sunscreen brands can be! Many mainstream sunscreen manufacturers use ingredients that, when rinsed off your body and into a drain, wash into the ocean and cause harm to marine life. Additionally, many leading brands are still testing on animals.

Fortunately, Coola is way ahead of the game by being “reef safe” (using no chemicals that harm sea animals) and cruelty-free! This tube of matte sunscreen is small, but it goes a long way, and it actually looks amazing on your skin!

Grab this animal and planet friendly sunscreen at Amazon.

Suntegrity LIP C.P.R. – SPF 30


I always keep this multitasking Suntegrity lipstick in my purse, because it covers so many bases at once! First, the long lasting color is just my style (I wear “Sunburst Pink”, but there are seven color options). Second, it protects your vulnerable lips from sun damage (phew!). And third, the combination of organic jojoba oil, shea butter and cocoa butter is perfect for soothing parched, sun-tinged lips.

Grab this cruelty-free, vegan SPF-30 lipstick at Petit Vour.

Recycled Ocean Plastic Flip Flop Sandals (Adidas & Parley Collaboration)

adidas-eezay-parley recycled ocean plastic eco-friendly flip flips sandals

Flip flops are one of those things we often buy without much forethought. I’ve been known to just grab a cheap pair from Target without asking where it came from, how it’s made, or what impact it might have on the planet. Fortunately, thanks to this collaboration sandal by Adidas & Parley, I’m ready to kick that habit! These sandals (with options for men and women) are made with yarn woven out of recycled ocean plastic! Who knew you could help clean up our polluted oceans with your feet?

Grab these planet-saving flip flops at Amazon!

Derma E Vitamin C Intense Night Cream


Derma E makes incredible (and affordable) high quality skincare products, including this vegan, cruelty-free Vitamin C intense night cream! This refreshing and skin quenching (is that a thing?) moisturizer is ideal for repairing sun damaged skin. To quote Derma E, “Vitamin C is a globally cherished nutrient acclaimed for its remarkable antioxidant, skin-brightening and anti-aging properties.” This makes it an absolute must have for my summer beauty routine.

To keep your skin healthy and happy, grab this Vitamin C Intense Night Cream from Amazon!

Customizable Floppy Hats (that help animals!) by My Other Half

vegan wide brim summer hat shop my other half etsy

By now, you know how obsessed I am with the My Other Half Etsy store. Not only do they offer rad, unique fashion, but they also donate 10% of all sales to their local animal shelter! In previous posts, I’ve mostly focused on their custom printed flannels and Hawaiian shirts- now it’s time to look at the hats! These wide brimmed floppy hats are available to order with various pre-written phrases, but for an additional fee you can have them printed with your OWN cute slogan! Personally, I kind of want to get one that says, “Adopt Don’t Shop!”…feel free to steal my idea!

Grab your custom made floppy pool hat at My Other Half’s Etsy store.

All Natural, Vegan Citronella Mosquito Repellant Candles

summer essentials vegan mosquito repellant citronella candles

One of those questions vegans get tired of answering is, “but do you kill mosquitos?” We all have different ways of answering- my personal response is that I generally try to just shoo them away, but I’m spoiled here in Denver where the mosquito population isn’t usually too out of control. That said, for evening barbecues and other outdoor activities, I still prefer not to have to worry about mosquitos at all! Citronella candles are incredible for deterring mosquitos, as they hate the smell. No need for toxic sprays or bug zapping machines when you have these vegan mosquito repelling candles!

Stay unbitten and unbothered by grabbing these citronella tea light candles at Etsy!

Sand Cloud Wanderlust Towel

sand cloud sumemr towels must haves marine animal

Sand Cloud is such a rad brand, and they keep getting better! They donate 10% of all profits to ocean conservation groups like the Marine Conservation Institute, the Surfrider Foundation, the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, and more! They primarily sell eye-popping, conversation starting beach towels, but in their shop you can also find planet-friendly water bottles and other accessories.

Start conservation conversations on the beach this summer with this tie dye Wanderlust Towel from Sand Cloud or Amazon!

Nae “Vero” Cork Slider Sandal

petit-vour-nae-vero summer vegan essentials

Nae is known for making high quality, sustainable vegan footwear, and this new cork slider is no different. Manufactured ethically in Portugal, this unique summer shoe is sure to turn heads and start conversations on the street. What a great way to talk to strangers about animal-friendly fashion!

Grab these eco-friendly sandals at Petit Vour.

Farm Innovators 4 Season Heated Bird Bath

heated birth bath help wildlife summer heat the tree kisser

If you watch my Instagram stories, you probably saw me feature this heated bird bath over the winter. It’s one of my favorite heated bird baths, because it looks so natural on the ground! That said, it’s also fantastic for summer, as thirsty birds, squirrels, rabbits, and other animals are desperately seeking water. Trust me on this, we have water dishes all over our yard and they help thirsty furry and feathered visitors every day! Raised bird baths have their upsides (they tend to stay cleaner), but ground dishes are just as important for bunnies and other non-flying, non-climbing animals.

Check out this heated birdbath on my Amazon “Helping Wildlife” List!

Boys + Arrows “Beck” One Piece Swimsuit

ethical swimwear summer must haves vegan

I’ve been in love with Boys + Arrows’ adorably unique patterned swimsuits for a while now, and I especially love that they’re made ethically in the United States! They have a higher price point than your average Target bikini, sure, but for the price you’re getting exceptional quality, a clean conscience, and a gorgeous print.

FYI: Every single thing on the Petit Vour website is vegan and ethically produced, so feel free to shop around while you’re there 😉

Grab this one piece that looks like it jumped off the page of a Victorian era painting at Petit Vour!

Herbivorous Butcher Summer Grill Pack

vegan barbeque plant-based meats steak summer

Yes, vegans can still absolutely enjoy barbecue season (get more vegan bbq tips here)! Especially with the help of Herbivorous Butcher’s Summer Grill Pack! The Herbivorous Butcher is a brother-sister team dedicated to creating decadent, juicy, flavor-packed vegan meats. My husband and I are pretty obsessed with the plant-based ribeye steaks that come in this pack, but we’re also big fans of the Bacon Brats. Smash those vegan stereotypes at your next family picnic by throwing some Herbivorous Butcher meats on the grill!

Grab yourself some plant-based meats with the Herbivorous Butcher Summer Grill Pack!

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