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Me, wearing Lemonbug’s “My Favorite Breed Is Rescued” Cuff & “Rescue Mama” Necklace

Lemonbug: Classic California Jewelry That Gives Back to Animals!

Confession: I’ve never been much of a jewelry girl. I didn’t even wear any (aside from my engagement ring) on my wedding day! That said, I absolutely love wearing accessories that have meaning, and Lemonbug jewelry definitely has meaning. For every necklace, bracelet, or cuff that Lemonbug sells, they donate $1 to their featured animal rescue organization**! By wearing (or gifting) a piece from the Lemonbug collection, you’re telling the world what kind of person you are. You’re the kind of person whose purchases and stylistic choices are fueled by compassion.

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*Use code TREEKISSER for 15% off your purchase!*

I first stumbled upon Lemonbug last year, while I was writing my Wedding Guide For Animal Lovers. I found their “Best Bitches” cuffs, which I knew animal loving brides would love to include in their “bridesmaid proposal” packages. After all, weddings provide the perfect opportunity to highlight the couple’s personalities, priorities, and values- why not emphasize that generous spirit from the very start?

Since first learning about Lemonbug through my wedding guide, I’ve gotten to know a bit about Lemonbug’s founder, Gerly Noland. In fact, I’m still learning about her- just last week, I discovered that she purchased multiple items from my own pro-rescue business back when I ran an apparel shop! That just reaffirms what I already knew- Gerly truly cares about animals.

When Gerly launched Lemonbug in 2016, she named it after her own rescue pup (Louie, aka Lou Lou Lemonbug). In choosing to adopt Louie, Gerly saved one life, but she wanted his name and story to go on to save countless others! And thus, Lemonbug’s donation program was born. So far, they’ve sent funds to Ottawa Dogs, H.E.L.P, Barks of LoveBarking BeastSave the HeartbeatAngels for Paws, and Vanderpump DogsThrough their $1/piece program, they’ve already donated over $2500 to worthy animal rescue groups- and they’re just getting started!

Lemonbug’s namesake: Lou Lou Lemonbug

In a world where “giving back” has become somewhat of a marketing scheme taken advantage of by international corporations and small businesses alike, it can be hard to know which programs are genuine and which are just trying to profit off of your kind heart. Through my extensive communication with Gerly, as well as through my discovery of her prior purchases, I’m 100% confident that she’s in this for all the right reasons.


In addition to helping animals, Lemonbug also helps their own customers through their unique ambassador program. Unlike other businesses’ ambassador programs, Lemonbug’s affiliate program is open to everyone- not just bloggers and social media influencers! By signing up here, you’ll automatically get 15% off all purchases, and you’ll get an affiliate link (a custom link just for you) that will earn you a 10% commission on any orders made through your link!

Translation: by simply telling your friends and family members about Lemonbug, you’ll make money any time they buy something! (click here to sign up for the program!)

As a blogger who constantly looks at the details of affiliate programs, I can tell you this is pretty rare and exceptional. The fact that it’s open to everyone tells me how much Lemonbug cares about spreading their message and expanding their clientele in order to raise funds and awareness for more animals. Through this ambassador program, Lemonbug wins, you win, and the animals win!

Though Lemonbug’s mission is to raise funds for animal rescue, the design collections aren’t exclusive to animal lovers. Obviously, my personal favorite designs fall under their “Animal Lovers” collection, but I also love their “Goals” Cuff Set, their customizable Baby Baptism Gift Bracelet, and their Classic Fearless Necklace. And, if none of those are your style, there are lots of customizable options! Basically, if you want to help animals with your jewelry, Lemonbug will be able to create something perfect for you (or for your loved one, if you’re searching for a gift).

Enough talking- let’s get shopping! Please let me know what you decide to order from Lemonbug; I’d love to see it on you!

*Use code TREEKISSER for 15% off your purchase!*

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Jessica // The Tree Kisser

** I know there may be readers who doubt the impact that $1/piece can make, so I want to address that. Having personally run a business with a donation model, I feel very strongly that we should support any ethical brand that prioritizes philanthropy. To the consumer, $1 may not sound significant, but when you’re a small business owner trying to get through the first few years, every single dollar truly matters. The more we support generous, independent start-ups, the more they’ll be able to increase their donations in the future!

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