How Grove Collaborative Will Make You Love Cleaning (And Save You Money!)

grove collaborative cruelty-free cleaning products

Last week as I was doing research for my Ultimate Guide to Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products, I fortuitously stumbled upon Grove Collaborative (thank you, Google!). Grove Collaborative is a flexible subscription-based service offering a wide variety of cruelty-free (not tested on animals), sustainably minded products. I quickly reached out to their team to learn more about how my readers could buy their products, and was blown away by the quick response and friendly customer service!

Shortly after this discovery, I received my first shipment from Grove Collaborative and was beyond impressed by the quality of not only the name brand cleaning products (i.e.: Mrs. Meyers, Ecover, Method, etc.), but also the items from Grove Collaborative’s in-house brand. I’ve already used their glass cleaning concentrate all over my house; a little bit goes a long way!

*Note: While a large portion of Grove Collaborative’s products are fully vegan, there are a few exceptions. Be sure to double check the ingredients lists before ordering! 

Here’s the part where you get FREE stuff.

I’m SO excited (seriously, if you’ve seen my Instagram stories featuring my new cleaning obsession, you already know) to be partnering with Grove Collaborative to give you an amazing 5-piece gift set (worth $25!) with your first order over $20! And thanks to their referral program, you can easily make that $20 back by telling your friends about Grove…but more about that below. CLICK HERE to make sure you get your gift set!

The free gift set includes three full size Mrs. Meyer’s products (you choose the scent!) plus two of Grove Collaborative’s walnut sponges and a set of two high quality dish towels!

grove collaborative cruelty-free cleaning products gift set

Grove Collaborative did not pay me to gush about them, but I *do* receive a commission if you place an order. This helps me keep the site up and running and, more importantly, puts food in the mouths of my four rescue pups!

I’m sure you aren’t interested in a lengthy novel about toiletries and household cleaning products, so I’m going to go out of character and break this down into bullet points for you:

How Grove Collaborative Helps Their Customers:

  • 35243304_1751770578225532_824272157600120832_nGrove Collaborative’s online marketplace saves you the time of looking up every single products in your local grocery store to find out which are non-toxic and cruelty-free. They don’t carry any products that are tested on animals, so you don’t need to worry!
  • Their prices are as low or (usually) much lower than you’ll find in stores! For example, my local Whole Foods sells Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap for $5.49, whereas Grove Collaborative sells it for $3.89! When you buy as many household products as most of us do, the difference of a couple dollars or even one dollar per item makes a huge impact on your overall budget. You’ll save up to 40% on select products, but an average of at least 20% from what I’ve seen!
  • Get FREE or super cheap shipping, depending on your preferences. VIP Members get free shipping on everything (for just $19.99/year), but regular members only have to pay a flat rate of $2.99. I don’t know how they do it! And as of now, all new users can try the VIP membership for free, so what are you waiting for?
  • Okay, you’ll have to take my word for it, but Grove Collaborative will make you WANT to clean your house. Trust me, I’m not a good housekeeper…and with four rescue dogs in the house, sometimes I get overwhelmed. When I opened up my box of goodies from Grove, I was so excited to dig into the dirt! You know how when you have fresh new exercise clothes, you’re more motivated to work out? This is exactly like this, but with sparking floors at the end.
  • You can make money by telling your friends about them. Crazy, right? Their referral program is one of the best I’ve seen. Once you place your first order, you’ll get a referral link to post online, send to your mom, and spread just about anywhere. If someone makes a purchase through your link, they’ll get a 5-piece gift set and you’ll get $10!!

How Grove Collaborative Helps Animals & The Planet:

  • 28277071_1630421380360453_5113283171296128057_nAs mentioned previously, they don’t sell any products that were tested on animals. This makes cruelty-free shopping so much easier and more affordable!
  • They have a pet-friendly workplace, which I always assume makes employees more likely to rescue animals!
  • They are a Certified B Corp (not easy!), meaning they support social, environmental and community wellbeing. Many of the brands whose products they sell are B Corps as well, meaning the dollars you spend have double the positive impact!
  • They prioritize working with companies that use sustainable practices and eco-friendly and/or recycled materials. This includes brands using bamboo (a very sustainable choice for wood), compostable packaging, organic oils, and more!
  • They donate 10 cents per order to the Arbor Day Foundation to help replenish our planet’s dwindling rainforests. I know 10 cents might not sound like much, but as someone who previously ran a small business, I can tell you it truly adds up.

What You Should Buy With Your First Grove Collaborative Order:

These are just my personal favorites from the items I’ve tried so far. Good luck not buying everything, there’s so much great stuff!

grove collaborative cruelty-free cleaning

Grove Collaborative Cleaning Concentrates (3-Pack) and Grove Collaborative Glass Spray Bottle

grove collaborative cruelty-free cleaning reusable bags

Reusable Bag Essentials Set

grove collaborative mrs. meyer's shower set cruelty-free

Grove Collaborative & Mrs. Meyer’s Shower Set

grove collaborative cruelty-free cleaning products

All-Purpose Microfiber Cloth, Set of 2


Alba Botanica Coconut Milk Haircare Set (Shampoo & Conditioner)

This is just a start, as there are SO MANY incredible cruelty-free, high-quality products on their site! Before you start shopping, be sure to click here for a 5-piece gift set ($25 value!) with your first order of $20 or more!


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