4 Ways Shopping With “My Other Half” Makes You A Good Person.

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To be honest, I don’t remember how I stumbled upon My Other Half’s vintage/custom apparel Etsy shop, but I’m so glad I did. In shop owner Meagan Rogers’s own words, “My Other Half is a line made from unwanted items to help unwanted animals find love.” Meagan is such a genuine sweetheart with a true love for animals and the outdoors, a passion that comes across immediately through reading her posts and messages.

Meagan runs My Other Half herself, hand picking primarily vintage flannels and jackets and embroidering or screen printing them with her own unique phrases and designs. The quality of her products is impeccable; you can feel the love in every stitch! She also offers limited edition prints of new, made-in-America t-shirts printed with cruelty-free inks! There are so many reasons to love My Other Half’s collection (I could go on and on about the flattering fit of the tees, the high quality of the dyes, and the obvious attention to detail found in every piece), but here are just a few ways shopping with My Other Half makes you a good person:

#1: You’re Helping Shelter Pets!

the tree kisser my other half date with my dogs flannel vintage
Wearing My Other Half’s custom “Date With My Dogs” flannel. Photo by Shea McGrath.

10% of ALL sales coming through the My Other Half shop are donated to HOPE Humane Society, their local animal shelter in Fort Smith, Arkansas! Having previously run an apparel shop that also donated 10% to animal rescues, I can vouch for the fact that this is a big amount for a small business to give. But when your business exists primarily for the purpose of helping animals, you do what you can to make the biggest impact possible!

The HOPE Humane Society, previously known as the Sebastian County Humane Society, has faced some struggles in the past. They almost had to close in 2015 due to lack of donations and a massive influx of abandoned animals, but fortunately they were able to pull through. This no doubt makes My Other Half’s contributions all the more powerful!

HOPE Humane Society works creatively and aggressively to work towards their eventual goal of becoming a no-kill shelter, a goal that many shelters don’t even attempt. I love that shop owner Meagan chose an organization that not only had a high degree of need, but also has a plan for improving the lives of animals in their care. My Other Shop’s shirts are providing funds that literally save lives.

#2: You’re Helping Bees & Butterflies!

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The “Feed The Bees” seed packet that came with My Other Half’s “Hike S’more” Tee. Photo by Shea McGrath.

As if the donation to shelter animals wasn’t enough, every t-shirt (not the flannels) from My Other Half’s “Bee Squad” collection comes with a packet of seeds for growing pollinator-friendly flowers! I’m sure you’ve heard in the past few years that pollinator populations, especially honeybees and Monarch butterflies, are in decline due to a myriad of human-related problems. Every single pollinator-friendly blossom makes a difference in helping these populations recover! If you think the pollinator decline doesn’t affect you, think again- over 75% of the plants consumed by humans are reliant on these pollinators! 

The seeds provided by My Other Half are easy to grow in most U.S. climates. Simply sprinkle them around an open area with decently healthy soil, water them, and wait! Soon you’ll have turned a few square feet of empty land into a welcoming oasis for hungry, helpful pollinators! Look at you, making the world a better, healthier place just by shopping!

the tree kisser my other half hike s'more tee pollinator friendly seeds
Planting my “Feed The Bees” seeds in My Other Half’s “Hike S’more” tee. Wearing vegan hiking boots by Bhava Studio. Photo by Shea McGrath.

#3: You’re Keeping Old Clothing Out Of Landfills!

the tree kisser my other half vintage flannels

We all know how consumer-driven and wasteful our society has become. We buy new clothing every season, rarely thinking about the impact this demand is having. Meanwhile, our vintage and secondhand stores are overflowing with discarded garments! It can sound time consuming and overwhelming to go dig through those stores yourself, but fortunately Meagan has already done the work for you! She finds flannel, denim, and tropical print shirts and jackets that are begging to be worn again, and gives them new life!

Did you know that American consumers throw away 26 billion pounds of clothing every year? Jeans, dresses, shirts, and more that could’ve been reused or recycled end up in landfills, contributing to our world’s massive waste problem. By purchasing a vintage shirt or jacket from My Other Half, you’re keeping someone else’s discarded item out of the garbage!

#4: You’re Supporting a Woman-Owned Small Business!

Regardless of your own gender, there are a bunch of reasons to support female-owned businesses like My Other Half. While female entrepreneurs are certainly gaining in numbers, we still only own 38% of American businesses. According to recent studies, female entrepreneurs receive only $1 of every $23 given out as business loans. By buying from a woman-owned business, you’re helping provide the financial support that the owner may struggle to find from banks. You’re also helping this owner become a role model for young girls in her life who surely benefit from seeing a successful female. As the saying goes, empowered women empower women– so it benefits us all to empower one another!

My Other Half’s shop owner, Meagan Rogers

I hope those were enough reasons to get you checking out the My Other Half store! Whether you’re a dog momma, a bride-to-be, a mountain adventurer, or just a lover of flannels, there’s something for you!

Click here to shop My Other Half!


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  1. SUCH a great blog post about one of my favorite brands ever! Thank you for sharing this amazing post!! 😍🙏🏼✨

  2. What an inspiration! Please keep bringing us posts like this so we can support people who are doing so much good. Your posts are such a bright spot in the world. Keep them coming.

    1. That means so much to me! Thanks for appreciating them and for letting me know 🙂

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