Grab The Tree Kisser “Vintage” Tops!

If you’ve found this page, it’s likely that you saw my Instagram story about the old inventory I’m selling! In an attempt to pay off some mounting vet bills (we have a sick chihuahua that we’re struggling to diagnose), I’m trying to clear out some of the remaining inventory I had after closing my apparel business last year. This is the last of the last, so grab it while you can at much lower prices than they originally sold for!

Because my husband and I share an eBay store and most of it is his vintage hardware stuff that I don’t understand (people really love old doorknobs and license plates, who knew?), I thought I’d put links to all of my apparel posts here in one place so you don’t have to sort through other listings:

christmas tee the tree kisser

All I Want For Christmas Is You (To Adopt a Shelter Pet) Tee, Size Small


Be Remembered Unisex Tee, Size XS and Size Small


Drug of Choice Men’s Tee, Size XL

Wear Pink Not Mink Dog T-Shirt, Size Extra Small, Size Small, and Size Large

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