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Obviously, all of my gift guides are fully vegan and intended for animal lovers, but this one is for the genuine dog and cat fanatics! You know, those people who post more pics of their pets than they do themselves (yep, that’s me!). The ones who selflessly and dependably share stories and videos of shelter pets in desperate need of rescue. The ones who have accepted that a layer of dog or cat hair will forever be an inevitable part of their wardrobes. These gifts are for them!

Gifts for People Who Really Love Dogs & Cats

PJ Salvage Pajamas

gifts for dog lovers cat lovers pj salvage pajamas

I own five separate pairs of PJ Salvage pajama pants, that’s how great they are. Half the time I buy them for the prints, half the time I buy them because of the coziness (especially their fleece options!). They always offer a wide variety of styles, but my favorites for animal lovers (pictured above) are the Doggone Tired PJ Set ($66.00), the Flower Crown PJ Set ($53.90), and the Raining Cats & Dogs PJ Bottoms ($58.00).

Shop gifts for animal lovers at Shopbop. Prices range from $52 to $98 USD.

I Hope You Like Cats/Dogs Doormat

gifts for animal lovers 2018 i hope you like dogs cats

Sure, you love that your house is full of animals, but it’s always a good idea to remind/warn your friends before they enter! I had a very similar doormat printed when I moved into my house a few years ago, and we still get giggles from guests every time they arrive. These mats from Etsy get rave reviews from customers!

Shop gifts for animal lovers at Etsy. Currently priced at $34.99 USD.

Puppies Make Me Happy Apparel

gifts for dog lovers apparel puppies make me happy 2018

I’ve been a fan and supporter of the Puppies Make Me Happy brand for a few years now, thanks to their impeccable quality and their genuine respect for other designers. Having designed apparel in the past (and having had my ideas stolen repeatedly), I really appreciate how much care their team puts into making sure their ideas are original! With their mix of compassion, creativity, and the occasional pop culture reference, Puppies Make Me Happy apparel is always on trend!

Shop gifts for animal lovers at Puppies Make Me Happy. Prices vary.

*PS: Use code thetreekisser for 10% off your order!*

Shop Dog Threads

I honestly find the best gift ideas while watching Shark Tank- and this is no exception! Shop Dog Threads makes high quality matching apparel for dogs and their humans. Each item is purchased individually, so you can simply order one sweater for one dog, a pair for your baby and their canine BFF, or a matching set for the whole family. They offer pajamas, sweaters, and even Hawaiian shirts! 2% of each sale is donated to animal rescue organizations.

*PS: Use code TREEKISSER10 for 10% off your order!*

Lemonbug x The Tree Kisser Jewelry Collection

gifts for dog lovers give back to animals dogs before dudes chihuahuas lemonbug

Okay, obvious disclaimer: I helped design these items (so much fun!!) and receive a portion of the sales. However, I would only put my name and reputation on a product I absolutely believe in, and Lemonbug falls into this category! Lemonbug is an independent woman-owned small business that designs modern but minimalist jewelry to raise funds for animal rescues. I designed the Chihuahua Necklace to bring attention to the chihuahua overpopulation crisis in American shelters, and the Dogs Before Dudes ring to remind woman to prioritize the companion animals that love them!

A portion of proceeds from our collaboration will be donated to my very favorite animal rescue, Hand In Paw! For the necklaces, you can choose between sterling silver, gold filled, or rose gold filled, and the ring is sterling silver or gold filled.

Shop gifts for animal lovers at Lemonbug. Prices range from $43 – $78 USD.

Fur Our Conversation Sweatshirt

gifts for dog lovers modcloth sweatshirt 2018

We all have that one friend who loves any opportunity to talk about her dog (okay, I’m that friend). Help her connect with fellow non-stop dog talkers with this “Ask Me About My Dog” sweatshirt from Modcloth!

Shop gifts for animal lovers at Modcloth. Current price is $49 USD.

DJ Cat Scratching Pad

gifts for cat lovers 2018 cat scratching pad

For the cat parent who has everything, I give you: this adorable cat scratch pad that’s just begging to be Instagrammed. Let’s be honest, the cats aren’t going to be any more entertained by this than by any other regular scratch pad, but your favorite humans who love their cats will be! This falls into the category of things most people would never buy themselves, but will absolutely appreciate receiving as a gift.

Shop gifts for animal lovers at Uncommon Goods. Current price: $35 USD.

Pop Your Pup: Custom Pet Pop Art!

gifts for dog lovers art apparel pop your pup shirts prints cats

Pop Your Pup is one of those businesses I’ve been meaning to buy from for years, because so many of my friends LOVE their customized products! What they do is pretty simple (yet pretty amazing): send them a great photo of your gift recipient’s pet (despite the name of the business, all species are welcome!) and they’ll turn it into a piece of pop art to print on apparel, pillows, canvasses, phone cases…you name it, they make it! Sneak a photo of your friend’s furry BFF (if you need to download it from Instagram, use this handy tool), send it in, and let the team at Pop Your Pup work their magic!

Shop gifts for animal lovers at Pop Your Pup. Prices vary.

ASOS Dog & Cat Slippers

Vegan Gifts For cat lovers dog lovers

ASOS is known for having a wide variety of budget-friendly AND animal-friendly slippers! They don’t have a specific page just for their animal slippers, but this link will let you browse through their full selection of fun slippers (in addition to dogs and cats, you’ll see penguins, narwhals, polar bears, and more!). The specific styles shown above are the Pug Slippers, the Black Cat Slippers, and the Bull Dog Slippers.

Shop animal slippers at ASOS. Current prices range from $26 to $32 USD.

The Dogist: A Coffee Table Book

gifts for animal lovers coffee table book the dogist

This New York Times best seller is what’s missing from the coffee table of any legitimate dog lover. To quote the Amazon description, “The Dogist is a beautiful, funny, and inspiring tribute to the beloved dogs in our lives. Every page presents dog portraits that command our attention. Whether because of the look in a dog’s eyes, its innate beauty, or even the clothes its owner has dressed it in, the photos will make you ooh and aah, laugh, and fall in love.” Help your friends pass the time while flipping through pages of adorable, eye catching pups!

Shop The Dogist: A Coffee Table Book at Amazon. Current price is $16.64.

Cat Lady Old Maid

gifts for cat lovers cat lady old maid amazon

Fair warning: this is only a good gift for a cat lover with a good sense of humor! The Cat Lady Old Maid deck puts a fun, cat loving twist on an old family favorite. With its adorable illustrations and pretty simple rules, this makes a great gift for all ages.

Shop the Cat Lady Old Maid set at Amazon. Current price is $12.95.

Pet Portrait Pendant

gifts for dog lovers cat lovers etsy pendants

Turn a photo of your loved one’s pet into a custom engraved wood necklace! Given how special these are, I’m surprised they don’t cost more! With more than 2400 5-star reviews on Etsy, these personal gifts are a guaranteed crowd pleaser. As I mentioned on another item, if you need to sneak a photo of your friend’s furry friend off of Instagram, use this handy tool to download it!

Shop personalized pet pendants at Etsy. Current price: $28.00 USD.

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