The Ultimate Vegan Fashion Guide



 The Tree Kisser’s Vegan Fashion Guide

I’m on a mission. A mission to help you- the compassionate, forward-thinking, fashion-savvy consumer- discover vegan shoes, vegan bags, and other vegan fashion that will help you truly live (and shop!) in alignment with your own values. Having personally lived a vegan lifestyle for nearly a decade, I’ve been truly inspired and encouraged over the past few years to see so many new vegan fashion brands emerging! When I started writing this vegan fashion guide, I had no idea how many up and coming vegan designers and cruelty-free retailers I would discover. The phrase “vegan fashion” used to conjure up cliche notions of unshowered hippies dressed head to toe in burlap, but cutting edge fashionistas of the 21st century are obliterating that stereotype with the help of the brands you’re about to read about! Vegan fashion is no longer an oxymoron- it’s a movement.

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No, vegan fashion does NOT mean covering your body in plants. (artwork by Gretchen Röehrs)

What does Vegan Fashion even mean?

To the general public, I know the word “vegan” is mostly connected with food. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the question, “are these shoes vegan?” answered with the  sassy reply, “Why, are you going to eat them?” *insert eye roll here* The person answering this question (who always thinks they are very funny) doesn’t understand that vegans not only object to animal use and exploitation for food, but also for fashion! Vegan fashion means the items contain with no fur, no leather, no wool, no down, no silk, and no other animal products.

vegan fashion cow friendly
Original photo by Sammantha Margaret.

If you’re under the impression that leather is simply a byproduct of the meat industry and therefore boycotting it doesn’t save any lives (I spent years believing this), consider this fact: Many slaughterhouses/animal processing plants/etc. make as much or more money from selling the cow hides for leather than they do from selling their fat and flesh for food. Paying for that leather, therefore, keeps the slaughter industry in business. So unnecessary, especially these days when vegan shoes, vegan bags, and other kinds of vegan fashion are so abundant!

What You’ll Find In The Vegan Fashion Guide

For the vegan fashion guide, I’ve attempted to include brands from all across the pricing spectrum. I won’t lie, a lot of the independent, highly sustainable companies making vegan shoes and/or vegan bags do have a higher price point as a result of their ethical manufacturing and emerging cruelty-free technologies. However, it’s my goal to prove that vegan fashion exists at every price point, so I’ve included the more affordable brands as well. Often (but NOT always), these less expensive options don’t check off every box on my checklist for “ideal” vegan fashion- i.e.: uses sustainable/eco-friendly materials, manufactured locally, donates to charity, etc., but given the cow leather industry’s history of environmental destruction, animal cruelty, and human rights abuses, I’m still of the opinion that vegan fashion is always the best choice.

Most of the brands included in this vegan fashion guide are fully vegan, but I’ve also included a handful of vegan-friendly – or not YET vegan – companies that offer a large selection of vegan shoes, vegan bags, or other vegan fashion. While I love supporting independent and innovative small businesses, I also acknowledge the benefit of voting with our dollars to show more mainstream brands that we appreciate and welcome their vegan options!

Please note, the vegan fashion brands and retailers included in this guide are not listed in any particular order. This article includes some affiliate links, which you can learn more about here!

Vegan Shoes

Bhava Studio (fully vegan)

Bhava is known for their extremely high quality vegan shoes, made with a focus on sustainability and ethical manufacturing. The shoes are designed in New York, where the Bhava team tests out every style on the busy streets of Manhattan. They are then manufactured by skilled artisans in Mumbai or Spain, using eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and vegan eco-suede.

Shop vegan shoes at Bhava Studio.

vegan shoes boots bhava studioShown here are the Paris Lace-Up Heel Bootie, the Ranger Hiker, and the Editor Ankle Bootie.

Matt & Nat (fully vegan)

Matt & Nat has been making and selling high-quality vegan apparel since 1995! Known primarily for their vegan handbags, Matt & Nat also offers a wide variety of vegan shoes. Coveted by celebrities and animal activists alike, the Montreal-based company sells their shoes and bags in boutiques all over the world! They also help protect the planet by recycling more than 3 million plastic bottles into their fabrics every year.

Shop vegan shoes at Matt & Nat or Amazon.

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion matt and nat

Shown here are the Abelia, the Knight, and the Manya.

Coquette (fully vegan)

Coquette came onto the scene in the past few years with their high end Christian Louboutin style vegan pumps! These sky high heels are designed for the woman who can really handle a stiletto. No need to sacrifice style for ethics, as no animals are harmed in the making of these vegan shoes!

Shop vegan pumps at Coquette.

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion coquetteShown here is the “AZAR style” in Leopard Vegan Suede, Black Vegan Leather, and Pink Vegan Patent Leather.

Loly In The Sky (fully vegan)

I just discovered this adorable Mexico-based vegan shoe brand today, and I immediately fell in love! Creative director Lorena Vasquez received undergraduate and Master’s degrees in fashion and accessory design from universities in Milan and Barcelona before putting her full efforts into launching Loly In The Sky. They definitely offer an abundance of traditional single color styles, but personally I’m way more into their more creative and quirky looks shown below!

Shop vegan shoes at Loly In The Sky or Amazon.

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion loly in the skyShown here are the Sara (tacos!), the Sonia (hello sunshine!), and the Micaela (confetti!).

Public Opinion (fully vegan)

Public Opinion is a line of very affordable, fully vegan men’s shoes designed and sold by Nordstrom Rack. They offer classic styles like Derbys, Chelsea boots, combat boots, sneakers, sandals, and more- all without harming animals!

Shop vegan men’s shoes at Nordstrom Rack.

public opinion nordstrom rack vegan boots shoes

Shown here are the Zane Canvas Derby, the Jason Chukka Boot, and the Joshua Chelsea Boot.

Cri de Coeur (fully vegan)

Cri de Coeur has been my go-to vegan shoe brand for quite a few years now. I have at least six pairs in my closet- I even wore the Spartali booties under my wedding dress! I always trust them because their shoes are so comfortable, even with high heels. They have a wide variety of styles, from classic to funky, so there’s sure to be something for compassionate shoe lovers of all kinds.

Shop vegan shoes at Cri de Coeur or Amazon.

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion cri de coeur

Shown here are the Percy Double Zip Flat Boot, the Spartali Bootie, and the Carrington Loafer.

Pawj California (fully vegan)

Use code “THETREEKISSER” for 10% OFF your order!

I was so excited when I came across Pawj California, because they seem to have perfected the art of the vegan “Uggs” style boots! I’ve purchased other “faux Uggs” in the past, but never found them to be very impressive- until I received my Pawj boots. I’ve actually been wearing the Wild Leopard Chestnut boots almost all day every day for the past two weeks! If you like the aesthetic of Uggs, but don’t want to wear animal skin, these are the boots for you!

Shop vegan boots at Pawj California. Use code “THETREEKISSER” for 10% OFF your order!

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion pawj california uggsShown here are the Tall Boot in Wild Leopard & Tan, the Polar Fleece Boot, and the Short Boot in Chestnut.

Beyond Skin (fully vegan)

Since 2001, Beyond Skin has been living up to their name by moving beyond the use of animal skins to make shoes! Designed in London and handmade in Spain, Beyond Skin’s collection includes everything from office appropriate Mary Janes to eye-popping glittery mirror heels. They also have a fully dedicated bridal line, which is a blessing for vegan brides!

Shop vegan shoes at Beyond Skin.

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion beyond skinShown here are the Lottie Black Block Heel Mules, the Lexie Pink Stilettos, and the Medusa Knee High Boots.

Nae (fully vegan)

Nae (No Animals Exploitation), a Portuguese vegan footwear brand, is dedicated to protecting animals and humans alike. Their tagline is, “Take A Walk On The Ethical Side,” and they live up to it every day by respecting workers and using sustainable, innovative materials like cork, pineapple, and recycled plastic. Extra bonus- they offer free shipping worldwide!

Shop at Nae or Petit Vour.

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion naeShown here are the Tainathe Cork Rose Pump, and the Francis.

Brave Gentleman (fully vegan)

Brave Gentleman is a labor of true love for designer and founder Joshua Katcher. A renowned vegan menswear expert and author, Joshua is always up on the newest technological developments in sustainable, vegan materials. His line of luxury vegan footwear is considered unisex (I’ve worn a pair!), but the overall aesthetic is definitely on the masculine side.

Shop vegan shoes at Brave Gentleman.

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion brave gentlemanShown here are the Envoy, the Paradigm Boot, and the Innovator.

Novacas (fully vegan)

Novacas, meaning “No Cows” in Spanish, is in the in-house vegan shoe brand by the compassionate footwear experts at MooShoes. Partnering with European worker-friendly factories, Novacas produces a range of vegan boots, sneakers, sandals and more! Novacas uses water-resistant microfibers to ensure your vegan shoes are not only cruelty-free and stylish, but also practical.

Shop Novacas vegan shoes at MooShoes.

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion novacasShown here are the Milo Foldover Boot, the Tom Shoe, and the Dayna Bootie.

Nicora Shoes (fully vegan)

Nicora Shoes founder, Stephanie Nicora, is the real deal of true ethical footwear. I had the privilege of meeting with her a few years ago, when her company was still relatively new. A third generation shoemaker herself, Stephanie has a true passion for reviving the American shoemaking industry with a sustainable, cruelty-free twist. She even uses exclusively American-made materials, “from string to sole”, allowing her to ensure the quality and sustainability of every single element. She also recently opened the first vegan shoe repair shop in the United States!

Shop vegan shoes at Nicora Shoes.

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion nicora american

Shown here are the Sinclair Boot, the Kahlo Boot, and the Carter Boot.

ASOS (vegan-friendly)

Online retail giant ASOS has done animals a HUGE favor by making it easy to find their non-leather options by using their website’s filter (the “leather/non-leather” filter shows up when shopping for shoes or bags). They don’t use the word “vegan”, but unless you’re seeing wool, silk, or other animal products on the material list, you should be safe. What I love is that since I first started shopping with ASOS last year, the percentage of non-leather shoes compared to their leather shoes has continuously been growing. At the moment I’m writing this, ASOS shows 1552 non-leather women’s shoes compared to only 653 leather women’s shoes! ASOS has a huge selection of all styles for both men and women, most of which are very affordable.

Shop vegan shoes at ASOS.

asos vegan shoes sandals vegan motorcycle boots

Shown here are the Fayla Tie Leg Plaited Flat Sandals, the Cleopatra Embellished Heeled Sandals, and the Ration Zip Ankle Boots.

Native Shoes (fully vegan)

Native Shoes are perfect for the practical vegan shopper on a budget. Their fun and functional collection includes options for adults and children, both male and female. If you’re looking for water-resistant boots, unique but useful sandals, or comfy, cruelty-free sneakers, check out the selection at Native Shoes!

Shop vegan shoes at Native Shoes or Amazon.

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion native shoesShown here are the Juliet, the Jericho, and the Venice.

FAIR (fully vegan)

FAIR is a, you guessed it, fair-trade, vegan shoe company based in Portugal. Launched by lifelong animal rescuer Carina Boavida, FAIR offers a wide variety of footwear styles for both men and women. These are the kinds of shoes that are fun to tell your friends about, because not only are they vegan and ethically produced, but they’re also made with increasingly more sustainable options like cork and eco-friendly microfiber. You’ll find the standard styles like Derbys and Brogues, but keep an eye out for their conversation starting patterned pumps and sandals. And if you’ve been looking for not-so-easy-to-find vegan men’s Moccasin styles, check out their Driving Shoes!

Shop vegan shoes at FAIR.

Fair trade vegan boots shoes

Shown here are the Flower Cork Pumps, the Classic Driving Shoes, and the Zip Lace-Up Boots.

Will’s Vegan Shoes & Accessories Co. (fully vegan)

Lots of great vegan brands are coming out of London these days! This include Will’s Vegan Shoes & Accessories, a brand launched “to bridge the gap between everyday people and ethically produced vegan shoes.” While Will’s offers a wide range of styles, I think it’s their variety of durable, sturdy work boots (for both men and women) that sets them apart.

Shop vegan shoes from Will’s Vegan Shoes or Amazon.

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion will's vegan

Shown here are the Men’s Dock Boots, the Men’s Continental Brogues and the Women’s Work Boots.

Zette (fully vegan)

Zette, named after one of the founder’s rescued cats, is a luxury vegan footwear brand based in Melbourne, Australia. You’ll find the classics like black over-the-knee boots and ballet flats, but you can also expect creative seasonal patterns like these dragonfly Mary Janes or these glittery ballet flats.

Shop vegan shoes at Zette.

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion zetteShown here are the Billie Glitter Boot, the Tanya High Heel, and the Jodie Brogues.

Good Guys (fully vegan)

In 2010, Good Guys launched as the first French fashion company dedicated to vegan shoes. Since then, their ethically made footwear has graced the pages of high fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Nylon, proving that vegan fashion can be just as coveted as fashion made from animal skins. From sneakers to loafers to the much sought after vegan cowboy boots, they’ve got you covered!

Shop vegan shoes at Good Guys.

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion good guysShown here are the Noah Booties, the Daisy Brandy Cowboy Boots, and the Kim Sneakers.

Bourgeois Bohème (fully vegan)

Bourgeois bohème is a London-based trailblazing vegan shoe brand that was founded by a former podiatrist! I personally love a lot of their styles, but what I’m really excited about is their bold use of Piñatex, a revolutionary “leather” made from pineapples! They also work with other creative and sustainable materials like Bio-Polyoils (derived from grains and seeds) and recycled rubber. Check them out for ethically manufactured boots, pumps, Oxfords, and more!

Shop vegan shoes at Bourgeois Bohème or Amazon.

Bourgeois bohème vegan shoes pinatex sustainable

Shown here are the Annie Pinatex, the Kate EcoStone, and the William Brown.

Kat Mendenhall (fully vegan)

Vegan cowboy boots are not easy to find. When Texan animal advocate Kat Mendenhall noticed this void in the market, she launched her own line of handmade, customizable, high end cruelty-free cowboy boots! I won’t lie to you, they’re not cheap (prices start at $485/pair), but they’re actually pretty reasonable when compared to artisan cowboy boots made with animal skins (seriously, they can cost thousands). Loved by celebrities like Miley Cyrus, these carefully crafted boots will bring out your inner country girl (or boy)! If you’re ready to invest in durable, stylish, high performance cowboy boots, these are the ones for you!

Shop vegan cowboy boots at Kat Mendenhall.

vegan cowboy boots shoes fashion kate mendenhall

Shown here are the Standard Swirly Swirls, the Bootine with Vegan Ostrich, and the Pee Wee Sea Stamp.

Mink Shoes (fully vegan)

Celebrity stylist Rebecca Mink has been designing and creating vegan shoes since 2000, before there was even much of a market! Her Italian-made custom couture footwear has been worn and loved by celebrities and vegan bloggers alike. The Mink website is currently in transition, but will soon relaunch with options to order your own completely custom, completely fabulous vegan shoes from Italian artisans! Sign up on the Mink website to be notified when the new store launches.

Mink vegan shoes custom designer pumps glitter

Stella McCartney (shoes are fully vegan)

Stella McCartney’s vegan shoes have long been the best solution for designer-loving fashionistas with a conscience. Almost everything Stella McCartney designs is vegan, with the exception of some apparel that contains wool or silk. Her prices are sky high, but they’re on par with other top luxury brands. Keep an eye out for sales, sometime you can snag a major discount!

Shop vegan shoes at Stella McCartney, Nordstrom, or Amazon.

vegan shoes boots fashion stella mccartney

Shown here are the Metallic Sneak-Elyse, the Black Ankle Boots, and the Red Woven Pumps.

Susi Studio (fully vegan)

Susi Studio is a Los Angeles-based cruelty-free footwear brand launched by designer Bianca Moran. Bianca, a longtime animal advocate, frequently travels to her valued shoemakers in Portugal and Hong Kong, the latter of which is run all by women! She also prioritizes the use of sustainable materials like recycled microsuede, recycled polyurethane, and hemp. Her current line is mostly full of tall, chunky heels, but you’ll find some flats and booties as well!

Shop vegan shoes at Susi Studio.

susi studio vegan shoes boots booties

Shown here are the Miley, the Emma, and the Billie.

By Blanch (fully vegan)

Described on their website as “Ethical shoes for modern women,” By Blanch footwear is a beautiful blend of practical yet fashion-forward style. If you’re looking for shoes to wear first to the office and then right out on the town, By Blanch is a great place to start. Be sure to check out their selection of vegan ankle booties, they have some really unique looks!

Shop vegan shoes at By Blanch.

By Blance vegan shoes workplace booties

Shown here are the Daydream Camel, the Mia Red, and the Desert Rose Black.

Sydney Brown (fully vegan)

With an extra strong emphasis on sustainable vegan materials, Sydney Brown “was born out of a conviction that luxury could be produced in an environmentally-friendly way.” You’ll see materials like microfiber lining made from recycled plastic bottles, sustainably harvested beech wood, organic cotton, and more! Though most of their current line comes in neutral, natural colors, they’ve also debuted an incredibly unique and futuristic looking iridescent matte, and I’m kind of obsessed with it.

Shop vegan shoes at Sydney Brown.

sydney brown vegan shoes wedges corkShown here are the Platform Sandal Black, the  V-Wedge Matte Iridescent Faux-Nappa, and the V-Flat Charcoal Cork.

Animalista (fully vegan)

Animalista is a Columbian brand known for making vegan sneakers, moccasins, and oxfords, as well as some handbags. Their shoes are made in Columbia, with Columbian materials. They also partner with local artists for limited edition bag and shoe collections in order to celebrate their unique national culture.

Shop vegan shoes at Animalista.

animalista vegan moccasins sneakers

Shown here are the Mocasín Antifaz Negro Lurex, the Cocacolo Rosado/Gris, and the Sneakers Negro.

Bangs Shoes (fully vegan)

There are so many things to love about Bangs Shoes. They’re vegan, obviously, but they also help humans by investing 20% of their profits in loans to struggling but passionate entrepreneurs all across the world! As of the publishing of this post, they’ve funded loans to over 1000 individuals in 66 countries! Their collection includes sneakers and hiking boots, all of which are intended and designs for adventurous outdoor activities.

Shop vegan hiking boots and sneakers at Bangs.

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion bangs sneakersShown here are the Great Smoky Sneakers, the Adventure High Tops, and the Yellowstone HT Hiking Boots.

Projeto Base (fully vegan)

This one’s for my Brazilian readers, as Projeto Base currently only ships within Brazil! Hopefully with increased demand, they’ll begin to ship overseas. Unfortunately I don’t speak Portuguese, but my Google translate tool tells me the whole store is vegan! Their selection is pretty limited right now, but definitely take a look if you’re in need of classy, cruelty-free sandals and slip ons.

Shop vegan shoes at Projeto Base.

vegan shoes brazil projetoShown here are the Caju Preto, the Flat Canoa Café, and the Sibá Rosa.

BC Footwear (fully vegan)

BC Footwear, a fun and flirty California-based shop, offers a wide variety of vegan styles at affordable prices! They offer contemporary designs with West Coast aesthetics that are perfect for a musical festival or a beach party. I’m kind of obsessed with the rainbow sandals!

Shop vegan shoes at BC Footwear or Free People!

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion BC footwearShown here are the Set Me Free Crochet, the Admit One, and the For You.

Rothy’s (fully vegan)

Rothy’s initial goal was to create a shoe, “with the ease of a sneaker but with the polish of a feminine flat,” and I think it’s safe to say they’ve succeeded. Not only are they loved for the ease and comfort of their shoes, they’re also admired for creating innovative materials out of recycled water bottles (as of this writing, they’re repurposed almost 9 MILLION plastic bottles!!). Though they only technically have two styles (The Flat and The Point), each style is available in numerous patterns, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Shop vegan ballet flats at Rothy’s.

rothys vegan ballet flats sustainable

Shown here are The Flat (Shale), The Point (Leopard), and The Flat (Eggplant Metallic).

Corda (fully vegan)

Corda makes fully vegan rope sandals that are handmade in Ethiopia. If, like me, you’re wondering about the comfort level, their FAQ page assure s us that they are incredibly comfy (user reviews back up the claim)! Corda was founded in part to provide jobs and training for underprivileged Ethiopian artisans who you can actually see on their website! Considering these sandals are handmade to order and shipped across the world, $48 per pair seems like a steal!

Shop vegan sandals at Corda.

vegan shoes boots vegan fashion corda rope sandals

Shown here are all three of their styles: The Corda, The DayTripper, and The Wanderer.

Patricia Correia (fully vegan)

Based in Portugal, designer Patricia Correia launched her vegan footwear and fashion brand in an effort to make a difference for animals in the world. Her shoe line covers the color spectrum, with many pumps, flats, and stilettos coming in a variety of hues with names like bubblegum, wine, and ocean. She also has a bridal shoe line coming soon, so stay tuned!

Shop vegan shoes at Patricia Correia.

Patricia Correia vegan shoes stilettos weddingShown here are the Wind (Lavender), the Earth (Bubblegum), and the Fire (Black).

Collection & Co. (fully vegan)

Though still a relatively new company (launched in 2016), Collection & Co. already has a pretty large selection of vegan shoes and bags! Their collection mostly includes options for women, but there are definitely some high quality mens’ boots and sneakers as well. In the women’s category, you’ll find some sky high heels (if you’re a fan of the snakeskin aesthetic, you’re in luck!), but don’t forget to check out their funky sandals and eco-friendly sneakers as well.

Shop vegan shoes at Collection & Co.

Collection & Co. vegan shoes british pumps snake reptile croc skin

Shown here are the Flora Off-White Ankle Boot, the Tia Croco Court Shoe, and the Ida Maroon Velvet Vinyl Court Shoes.

Fera Libens (fully vegan)

Fera Libens is an Italian-based vegan footwear brand, focused on Oxford and Derby styles for both men and women. The company was launched by friends Federico and Francesco, both of whom are dedicated to creating a world where animals aren’t killed for fashion. Their number of styles at any given time is somewhat small, but they add new looks often!

Shop vegan Oxfords and Derbys at Fera Libens.

Fera Libens vegan oxfords

Shown here are the Derby Tobacco, the Derby Blu Scuro, and the Derby Verde Scuro.

Bahatika (fully vegan)

Bahatika, an Austrian vegan shoe company, refers to themselves as a “sustainable lifestyle brand for future minded, fashionable and urban people.” Their collection, made with materials like Italian vegan leather, microfiber, cork, and linen, offers something for everyone. You’ll find sneakers, chunky heels, sandals and more! They only offer free shipping within Austria, but they do ship worldwide!

Shop vegan shoes at Bahatika.

bahatika vegan shoes austria

Shown here are the Anasa Black, the Siri Silver, and the Ovyo Camel.

Indosole (fully vegan)

Indosole has taken it upon themselves to combat the problem of car tire waste in junkyards and landfills by repurposing the tires into rubber suitable for shoes! Thus, Indosole vegan shoes and sandals benefit the planet while also protecting animals. Because it’s nearly impossible for tires to decompose, their recycled material serves as an extremely durable fabric to walk on! Extra bonus: Indosole’s flip-flop style sandals, “travel shoes,” and sneakers are as friendly to your wallet as they are to the environment!

Shop vegan recycled shoes at Indosole or Amazon.

indosole recycled tire vegan shoes

Shown here are the Prahu Boat Shoes, the Ikhanna Sandals, and the Pantai Travel Shoes.

Vyom London (fully vegan)

Launched by two brothers, Vyom London is a new U.K. based vegan shoe brand dedicated to supporting the local economy by working only with British craftsmen and craftswomen. Their first line, the Timeless City Collection (created for the urban city worker) contains five Oxford and loafer style shoes with options for both men and women.

Shop vegan shoes at Vyom London.

vyom vegan oxfords british shoes

Shown here are the men’s Toe Rose Oxford, the men’s Two Tone Oxford, and the women’s Tassel Fringe Loafer.

Free People (vegan-friendly)

In recent years, retail giant Free People has made bold ventures into the vegan fashion world, which is amazing given their massive customer base! They’re very clear about clarifying which items are vegan, so you don’t have to worry too much about reading labels (though I always recommend double checking when the brand isn’t fully vegan). Free People’s vegan options are a great way to keep up with current trends (hello vegan cowboy boots!) without harming animals!

Shop vegan shoes at Free People.

free people vegan cowboy boots vegan shoes

Shown here are the Vegan Ranch Boot, the Vegan Loom Wedge, and the Vegan La Brea Boot.

Birkenstock (vegan-friendly)

The Birkenstock brand can be traced back to 1774, when Johann Adam Birkenstock worked as a cobbler in Langen-Bergheim, Germany. The family continued to work on footwear technology in Europe up until 1966, when they were introduced to the United States. They’ve picked up somewhat of a cliche “hippie” reputation over the years, but the brand’s reputation for excellent comfort and quality has endured. Fortunately for animal lovers, Birkenstock has a full line of vegan sandals and clogs for men, women, and children!

Shop vegan shoes at Birkenstock.

birkenstock vegan sandals

Shown here are the Arizona, the Boston, and the Gizeh Essentials (Kids).

Merrell (vegan-friendly)

Merrell is an outdoor activewear company focused on the use of environmentally-friendly materials. As part of this mission, they’ve dedicated part of their business to vegan shoes and sneakers for both men and women! In their own words, Merrell’s “vegan-friendly shoes offer the durability, traction and support you expect from Merrell footwear while using high-quality, 100 percent synthetic materials.” Designed for trail runs and hikes, Merrell’s vegan shoes are not only functional, but fun, with a wide range of vibrant colors to choose from!

Shop vegan sneakers and boots at Merrell.

merrell vegan train running hiking shoes boots

Shown here are the Men’s Vapor Glove 3 (Molten Lava), the Women’s Trail Glove 4 (Aleutian), and the Men’s Capra Venture Mid Goretex Surround.

Vegan Bags

Matt & Nat (fully vegan)

Matt & Nat has been making and selling high-quality vegan apparel since 1995! They offer a huge selection of bags, ranging from traditional totes and sachets to the more unique backpacks, briefcases, and diaper bags. I’ve purchased from them often, and have consistently been impressed by the quality of their vegan leather. Coveted by celebrities and animal activists alike, the Montreal-based company sells their bags and shoes in boutiques all over the world! They also help protect the planet by recycling more than 3 million plastic bottles into their fabrics every year.

Shop vegan handbags at Matt & Nat or Amazon.

vegan bags handbags purses matt and nat

Shown here are the Schlepp, the Bee, and the Soren.

Labante London (fully vegan)

Labante London has been making vegan handbags since 2009, with a goal of proving to consumers that vegan leather can be “as sumptuous and buttery as real leather.” They donate 10% of profits to various charities, proving that their ethics extend beyond their fashion sense. They offer a wide variety of vegan bags in more neutral tones like shades of brown and black, but you can also find pops of eye-catching, statement-making colors like neon pink and bold red!

Shop vegan bags at Labante London or Petit Vour.

labante london vegan totes bags handbags

Shown here are the Alanis Pink Across Body Bag, the Avant Brown Carryall Bag, and the Ally Black Tote Bag.

Angela Roi (fully vegan)

Angela Roi has been a favorite of vegan bloggers for years, and for good reason! Not only are their vegan bags exceptionally well made, but they also donate to numerous animal rescue and advocacy organizations! After years of positive coverage from high fashion magazines  and publications like Vogue, Marie Claire, WhoWhatWear, Glamour and (much) more, Angela Roi has proven how easy it is to blend style with ethics.

Buy vegan handbags at Angela Roi or Petit Vour.

angela roi vegan bags tote handbags bucket bag

Shown here are the Cher Tote, the Morning Cross-Body, and the Madeline Mini Bucket Bag.

Free People (vegan-friendly)

In recent years, retail giant Free People has made bold ventures into the vegan fashion world, which is amazing given their massive customer base! They’re very clear about clarifying which items are vegan, so you don’t have to worry too much about reading labels (though I always recommend double checking when the brand isn’t fully vegan). If you’re into free spirited festival fashion but not into harming animals, Free People’s vegan handbags are probably for you!

Shop vegan bags at Free People.

free people vegan festival bags

Shown here are the Slouchy Vegan Tote (Wine Snake/Red), the Peyton Vegan Crossbody, and the Davie Vegan Satchel.

Collection & Co. (fully vegan)

Collection & Co., a relatively new vegan fashion brand (launched in 2016), focuses mostly on footwear, but they have a collection of vegan leather bags as well! What I love is that they’ve clearly planned their handbag line to compliment their shoe line as indicated by the style notes in the product descriptions. I personally love a big vegan bag, so I’m most drawn to their large Dome Satchels, but they have smaller cross-body and pouch bags as well.

Shop vegan bags at Collection & Co.

collection and co vegan leather bags

Shown here are the Megalo Black Large Dome Satchel, the Mesaios Beige Cross-Body Bag,   and the Migri Velvet Dome Pouch.

HFS Collective (fully vegan)

Founded in 2012 by a mother-daughter duo, HFS Collective (formerly known as Hipsters For Sisters) primarily focuses on hands-free vegan belt bags (think fanny packs, but high-fashion). They work with materials like Pinatex (made from pineapples) and EcoSuede (made from post-industrial recycled polyester and post-consumer recycled plastic bottles), so you can feel proud of your sustainable purchase. They also donate 2% of revenue to organizations that empower women and protect the planet!

Shop vegan belt bags at HFS Collective.

hipsters for sisters hfs collective vegan bags

Shown here are the Convertible Belt Bag in Black, the Classic Belt Bag in Pinatex, and the Convertible Belt Bag in Rojo.

Sole Society (bags are fully vegan)

Sole Society is making huge waves for animals by (as of this publication) offering only vegan bags! They still have some cow leather shoes, but here’s hoping that changes soon thanks to consumer demand. Because they aren’t a 100% vegan brand, I still encourage you to check materials before checking out. Fortunately for compassionate fashion lovers, Sole Society’s selection is wide and varied, offering everything from handheld vegan clutches to travel-friendly vegan duffel bags! With most styles coming in at less than $100 USD, this line is wallet-friendly as well as animal-friendly.

Shop vegan bags at Sole Society.

sole society vegan travel bags faux leather

Shown here are the Mason, the Susan, and the Honor.

Jill Milan (fully vegan)

Jill Milan was founded in 2010 after the co-founders were frustrated by the lack of high-end luxury vegan bags on the market. In order to fill that void, they work with family owned Italian ateliers known for making the highest quality luxury bags for designers like Bulgari and Donna Karan. Jill Milan bags are coveted by celebrities and stylists alike, as evidenced by their appearances on numerous red carpets on icons like Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lawrence, Eva Longoria, and many more!

Shop vegan handbags at Jill Milan.

jill milan designer vegan bags

Shown here are the SoMa Bucket Bag in Pewter, the Art Deco Clutch, and the Tiburon Tote.

Filbert (fully vegan)

Filbert’s creators launched their luxury vegan bag line “to reconcile a natural inclination to bring beautiful things into your life with an equally strong desire to leave the world a better place.” They accomplish this by manufacturing all of their functional and fashionable vegan bags in America with fully cruelty-free materials. As part of their efforts to protect the planet, they ship all bags in an organic cotton duster bag! Filbert bags are perfect for ethical business professionals and compassionate busy moms alike.

Shop luxury vegan bags at Filbert.

filbert vegan bags totes diaper bags

Shown here are The Baker, The Steiner, and The Stanyan.

Vilma Boutique (fully vegan)

Vilma Boutique’s founder is a passionate animal advocate who launched her line of handmade vegan bags and accessories for customers who want to “respect (their) integrity while enhancing (their) style.” Her line is unique, adorable and very affordable, with options ranging from mini vegan leather backpacks to two-tone totes. I especially love her line of minimalist clutches because they’re more practical and easy to carry than standard clutches in a way that actually adds to the modern aesthetic rather than detracting from it.

Shop vegan bags at Vilma Boutique.

vilma boutique vegan bags handbags purses

Shown here are the Vegan Backpack with Zip, the Flamingo Slouchy Vegan Clutch Bag, and the Pow Vegan Shoulder Bag.

Gunas (fully vegan)

Gunas has been designing and making vegan handbags since 2009, so they know their stuff! Their collection is incredibly diverse with styles for the more conservative, traditional women as well as the adventurous, statement-making fashionistas. To align their business with their ethics, they regularly donate profits to animal advocacy organizations like the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Having graced the pages of publications like Vogue, InStyle, and Glamour, Gunas is certainly proving the point that consumers can be modern and fashionable without harming animals.

Shop vegan handbags at Gunas.

gunas luxury vegan bags

Shown here are the Flamingo, the Madison, and the Ridley.

Veggani (fully vegan)

I personally kind of love Veggani, because their mission is not just to help animals, not just to help the planet, not just to help disenfranchised humans, but rather to help all three! And they do so without sacrificing quality or aesthetic style. Each item in the Veggani shop has a different list of stand out qualities, but if we look at just the Maryjane backpack, we see that it’s fully lined with Artist Illustrated fabric made from 100% recycled materials including plastic bottles, it’s adorned with recycled hardware made by Laotian Artisans from scrap metal left behind by bombs (learn more here), and 10% of the profits from this bag go to help build schools in impoverished areas in Laos. Add to that the fact that it’s vegan (of course) and adorable, this bag has a lot going for it! Veggani founder Laura De Waal clearly puts a lot of time, thought, and compassion into each bag, and it shows!

Shop vegan ethical bags at Veggani.

veggani vegan bags cork ethical handbags sustainable

Shown here are the Maryjane in Petal Pink, the Maya Mini in Cork, and the Karol in Evergreen.

ASOS (vegan-friendly)

Online retail giant ASOS has done animals a HUGE favor by making it easy to find vegan bags by using their website’s filter (the “leather/non-leather” filter shows up when shopping for shoes or bags). They don’t use the word “vegan”, but unless you’re seeing wool, silk, or other animal products on the material list, you should be safe. What I love is that since I first started shopping with ASOS last year, the percentage of vegan bags compared to their leather bags has continuously been growing. At the moment I’m writing this, ASOS shows 648 non-leather bags compared to only 131 animal skin bags! ASOS’ huge selection includes everything from neutral colored basic bags to outlandish, crazy colored clutches!

Shop vegan bags at ASOS.

asos vegan handbags vegan purses

Shown here are the Ring Flap Backpack, the Glittery Boxy Clutch Bag, and the Valentino Patent Black Tote Bag.

Eve Cork (fully vegan)

(*Please note, my links for Eve Cork are currently having glitches- they should be up and working consistently again soon!*)

Eve Cork, to put it simply, is making cork cool. Sustainably harvested cork is an incredibly versatile material to work with, and can even be finished to feel like a supple vegan leather! Eve Cork works with rural Portuguese farmers to ensure their traditions are respected and their land is protected. There are other cork-based accessories on the market, but personally I think Eve Cork is the only company managing to make it look modern and fashionable. Though vegan handbags and totes make up a large portion of Eve Cork’s inventory, they also offer functional and stylish messenger bags and backpacks for ethical students or compassionate business professionals!

Shop vegan cork bags at Eve Cork.

eve cork vegan messenger bags backpack

Shown here are the Montana, the Charlotte, and the Bagan.

Stella McCartney (bags are fully vegan)

Stella McCartney’s vegan bags have long been the best solution for designer-loving fashionistas with a conscience. Almost everything Stella McCartney designs is vegan, with the exception of some apparel that contains wool or silk. Her prices are sky high, but they’re on par with other top luxury brands. The quality does match the price; I’ve been using and abusing my Stella Falabella Shaggy Deer Tote for years, and it shows no sign of wear and tear. Keep an eye out for sales, sometime you can snag a major discount!

Shop luxury vegan bags at Stella McCartney, Nordstrom, or Amazon.

stella mccartney vegan designers bags luxury falabella 371369W91321220 502789W99236802 234387W90561111

Shown here are the Ruthenium Falabella Shiny Dotted Chamois Fold Over Tote, the Stella Logo Hobo Bag, and the Light Grey Falabella Shaggy Deer Purse.

Urban Expressions (fully vegan)

Urban Expressions creates (in their own words) “chic animal-friendly handbags that meet the needs of the everyday woman.” Having been in business since 2005, they’ve had time to perfect their art and expand their line to include a wide variety of vegan bags with competitive pricing. Regardless of your personal aesthetic preferences (modest or edgy, conservative or wild…), you’re sure to find at least one design to suit your cruelty-free fashion needs. They repeatedly show up in mainstream fashion publications, proving that Urban Expressions bags aren’t just for vegans!

Shop vegan bags at Urban Expressions or Amazon.

urban expressions vegan handbags backpacks tote

Shown here are the Astral, the Aubrey, and the Misty.

Pixie Mood (fully vegan)

Pixie Mood is a Canadian vegan handbag line offering a huge selection of totes, backpacks, laptop sleeves, makeup bags, and more! Many of their reasonably priced styles come in multiple colors hues, allowing you to choose more professional neutral solids or eye-catching patterns featuring florals and even ombres! You can order online, but you might be lucky enough to live close to one of the many stockists that allow you to see the bags in real life.  Whether you’re looking for something formal or funky, Pixie Mood can probably meet your needs.

Shop vegan backpacks and bags at Pixie Mood or Amazon.

pixie mood vegan satchels bags backpacks

Shown here are the Geneva Work Bag, the Elli Large Satchel, and the Kim Convertible Backpack.

Canopy Verde (fully vegan)

Canopy Verde was created after the founder grew frustrated with the amount of waste within the fashion industry. She saw firsthand how many sheets of extra or imperfect fabric were discarded, and how changing trends and fast fashion led to increased and unnecessary consumption. In launching Canopy Verde, she was able to start from scratch with a much more sustainable and efficient process! Inspired by mid-century Danish design and vibes from the streets of Brooklyn, NY, Canopy Verde offers a range of vegan totes, handbags, backpacks, and more!

Shop sustainable vegan bags at Canopy Verde.

canopy verde vegan bags etsy sustainable vegan leather

Shown here are the Cassia Canvas Weekender Bag, the Greenpoint Convertible Backpack, and the Cassia Mini Doctor’s Bag.

Melie Blanco (fully vegan)

Melie Blanco strives to “offer affordable luxury to the everyday woman, regardless of her budget.” Often embracing unconventional shapes and statement-making hardware, Melie Blanco’s vegan bags elegantly walk that fine line between originally and timelessness. Their affordable bags are made in China, but they don’t want that to alarm ethical shoppers. They see themselves as a positive force in the region by ensuring fair pay, gender equality, free lunches, and even paid vacations for their employees. For shoppers in the U.S., you can enjoy free shipping on all orders over $100!

Shop affordable vegan bags at Melie Blanco or Amazon.

Melie Blanco vegan bags

Shown here are the Irene Black Bamboo Crossbody, the Dior Blush Bow Clutch, and the Ellis Black Crossbody.

Ceibo (fully vegan)

This is pretty incredible- Ceibo vegan bags are all designed and HANDMADE by founder Maria Cadena. Yet somehow they are still very affordable, with most bags costing less than $100. For Maria, this work is a labor of love. Her signature large metal ring handles make her bags easily recognizable, so it’s only a matter of time before Ceibo becomes a household name!

Shop handmade vegan bags at Ceibo.

ceibo vegan ring bags handmade

Shown here are the Mini Circle Ring (Blush), the Mini Square Ring (Black), and the Ring Clutch (Fuchsia).

Fablou (fully vegan)

Fablou makes vegan bags that they call “reality proof”, because they’re resistant to stains, scratches, and scuffs. Their fabric is easily cleaned with a bit of soap and water, making their bags ideal for busy moms and jet-setters alike. They may be designed as handbags, but their easily washed silicone material makes them an ideal choice for farmers market trips and sandy beach vacations.

Shop practical vegan bags at Fablou.

fablou vegan silicone bags totes

Shown here are the City (Berry), the Chelsea (Black), and the City (Black).

Jeane & Jax (fully vegan)

Jeane & Jax is a Montreal-based vegan handbag line founded by industry veteran Silvia Gallo. Her goal is to design and create affordable cruelty-free bags that keep up with ever-changing trends while catering to customers’ specific demands. The line is pretty extensive, offering standards like clutches and totes as well as backpacks and laptop cases. Bags ship for a flat rate of only $10 within Canada and the U.S., which is pretty impressive!

Shop vegan handbags at Jeane & Jax.

jeane and jax vegan leather bags

Shown here are the Zip Fold Hobo Bag, the Fringe Crossbody, and the Rounded Flap Backpack.

Ethique212 (fully vegan)

Founded by the designer behind celebrity favorite Ted Rossi, Inc., Ethique212 is a new venture into luxury vegan bags inspired by the sights and sounds of New York City. Ethique212’s first line is full of vegan leather with a special emphasis on vegan reptile prints (faux Python and Crocodile). If you like to walk on the wild side, fashion-wise, Ethique212’s bags were made for you!

Shop vegan designer bags at Ethique212.

ethique212 vegan python croc bags

Shown here are Le Grande Hobo Luxe, Le Petit Bucket Bag, and The Envelope Clutch Luxe.

Denise Roobol (fully vegan)

Denise Roobol is a fully vegan brand based in Rotterdam, South Holland. Denise works with high-tech vegan leathers out of Hong Kong, where revolutionary cruelty-free materials are being developed every day. Whether you’re looking for a travel bag to take on a weekend getaway or a work-appropriate tote bag, you can find ethical and luxurious options from Denise Roobol. I’m a big fan of the unique “snake-chain” handles found on styles like the Mini Bucket Bag and the Elegance Bag.

Shop vegan bags at Denise Roobol.

Denise Roobol vegan handbags

Shown here are the Mini Bucket Bag, the Work Bag, and the Modern Bag.

Urban Originals (fully vegan)

Urban Original’s vegan bag line goes by this motto: “Enhance more than just your look.” They want customers to not just look good, but also live ethically by choosing cruelty-free options. Since 1993, they’ve been creating styles that are modern and bold, yet traditional in their craftsmanship. Chances are, you’ve probably seen some of their bags while shopping out and about, as they’re distributed in many national and worldwide retailers like Nordstrom and Amazon. They offer all kinds of styles, but personally I’m most obsessed with their Leopard Print Vegan Leather Backpack!

Shop vegan leather bags at Urban Originals or Amazon.

urban originals nordstrom vegan bags backpacks

Shown here are the Leopard Print Vegan Leather Backpack, the Shimmer Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag, and the Style Hunter Vegan Leather Ring Handle Tote.

Rareform (fully vegan)

So, this one’s a little different, but keep reading- it’s pretty rad. Rareform makes fully vegan bags out of old vinyl billboards! The bags are not only each completely unique, they’re also waterproof and incredibly durable (keep in mind, billboards have to survive a lot of wind and rough weather). I just love this concept- what could be more eco-friendly than repurposing old signs? If you’re a parent, be sure to check out the backpack section- Rareform’s statement-making, one-of-a-kind designs are sure to make your kid stand out at school! They also make duffel bags, totes, messenger bags, and more!

Shop vegan recycled bags at Rareform.

rareform ecofriendly sustainable recycled vegan bags

Shown here are examples of the Classic Backpack, the Surfboard Bag, and the Basic Tote.

Thea and Theos (fully vegan)

Thea and Theos, and Australian vegan bag line, gets their inspiration from Greek gods and the belief that, “everyone is made to have their own unique talents and strengths and not be a replica of anyone else.” Since 2015, they’ve been making affordable vegan bags as well as a small selection of hats, belts, and jewelry. They mostly work with vegan leather, but keep an eye out for their fun and funky denim options!

Shop vegan handbags at Thea and Theos.

thea and theos vegan bags australia

Shown here are the Gigi in Steel Rose, the Pluto in Sky, and the Atlanta in Vanilla.

Evontte (fully vegan)

Evontte is an Australian brand specializing in vegan bags that advertises, “an intuitive understanding of a women’s needs and desires.” This is demonstrated clearly by their extensive line including designs and styles for every possible aesthetic. They offer a lot of more traditional, single colored bags, but if you’re in the mood for a wild fabric or a geometrically creative pattern, you’ll find options as well.

Shop vegan bags at Evontte.

evontte vegan bags australia woven

Shown here are the Lama Tan Trendy Vegan Leather Crossbody, the Leora Hip Vegan Leather Backpack, and the Haley Red Handwoven Crossbody.

Gaston Luga (fully vegan)

I’ve been following Gaston Luga on Instagram for a while now, because I just simply love their aesthetic that I’d describe as retro yet innovative. Their minimalistic vegan backpacks are the kind that make you want to plan an adventure just so you have an excuse to buy one. Gaston Luga’s founder, Carl Sundqvist, believes that backpacks are the “optimal companion when discovering the world,” and this commitment shows in the meticulous design behind these Swedish bags. Beloved by travel bloggers, these backpacks are certainly designed with jet setting in mind (take note of the vegan leather address tags and the passport pockets), but they could easily be worn and appreciated by an ethical and forward-thinking high school or college student.

Shop vegan travel backpacks at Gaston Luga.

gaston luga vegan travel backpacks

Shown here are the Classic (Navy Brown),  the Clässy (Black & Pink), and the Pråper (Olive & Black).

Prene Bags (fully vegan)

Prene Bags: Like a wetsuit for your stuff. At least that’s what I gather from their website! Prene Bags are made from perforated neoprene, resulting in a durable, practical, and machine washable product loved by surfers, festival-goers, and busy moms alike. Most of us will have to order online, but if you’re lucky enough to be based in Australia, you may be close to one of their 350+ stockists across the country!

Shop neoprene vegan bags at Prene Bags.

prene neoprene vegan bags machine washable

Shown here are the and the Windsor Prene Puffer Tote Bag, the Billie Neoprene Bucket Bag, and the Small Backpack.

Wilby Bags (fully vegan)

Since 2013, Wilby has been designing and creating vegan bags with the eco-conscious, fashionable British shopper in mind. Almost all of their bags are made in the U.K., and many have extra eco-friendly benefits like use of organic cotton or planting a tree for every bag purchased. Of their many collections, my favorite is their “Vrocskin” line, which uses a cork-based material to emulate crocodile skin. The natural woody fiber of the cork really lends itself to mimicking reptile scales.

Shop sustainable vegan handbags at Wilby Bags.

wilby bags london vegan croc

Shown here are the Grey Bailey Rucksack, the Alligator Straight Clutch, and the Light Tone-Time Handbag.

Leni Penn (fully vegan)

Leni Penn has a special place in my heart, because their White Ostrich tote (size EXTRA large) was one of the first vegan bags I ever owned (I have a medium sized pink one too…I REALLY love them!). The gigantic (extra large) White Ostrich tote is amazing for travel, as it fits a ton of stuff and is super durable. It’s also so big that it becomes a conversation piece in airports, which I always love because it gives me an opportunity to talk to strangers about vegan fashion! These totes are especially loved by beach bunnies and moms because of how easy they are to keep clean.

Shop large vegan tote bags at Leni Penn.

leni penn vegan totes washable large moms

Shown here are the Pink Ostrich Tote, the Metal Python Tote, and the Red Crocodile Tote.

Svala (fully vegan)

Initially launched as a high-end sustainable lingerie brand, Svala recently expanded their line to include luxury vegan handbags! Not only are they cruelty-free, but they also work with eco-friendly materials like Pinatex (made from pineapple leaf fibers), organic cotton, and polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. On top of all that, they also donate 10% of their profits to animal advocacy and protection organizations like Wild Aid and the Jane Goodall Institute. If you’re looking to make a statement on behalf of animals and the environment, a Svala clutch or cross body bag is the way to do it!

Shop eco-friendly vegan bags at Svala.

svala vegan bags pinatex sustainable tote

Shown here are the Simma Tote in Pinatex, the Didi Clutch,  and the Tasha Crossbody.

Alexandra K. (fully vegan)

Since 2014, Alexandra K. has been selling high-end luxury vegan bags with a mission of improving the reputation of cruelty-free fashion within the industry. Designer Alexandra Kościkiewicz attributes her dedication to impeccable design and functional interiors to her perfectionism, which results in a final product that consumers love. She works mostly with vegan leather, but there are a few options using Pinatex (made from pineapple leaves) which I absolutely support!

Shop luxury vegan bags at Alexandra K.

alexandra k vegan bags pinatex

Shown here are the Raspberry Evening Bag, the Pinatex Laptop Briefcase, and the Pink Champagne Bucket Bag.

OOD (fully vegan)

OOD, pronounced “wood”, is an Italian vegan bag line that uses Ligneah, a proprietary blend of wood and cotton, as their primary material. They mostly make bags, but they offer a selection of keychains, bracelets, and other accessories as well. Embrace your love for animals and nature with this innovative brand!

Shop sustainable vegan bags at OOD.

ood italian vegan sustainable bags

Shown here are the Pochette Crisopelea Nero, the Calypso Frassino Rosa, and the Febe Mini Frassino Nero.

Von Holzhausen (fully vegan)

So, this is pretty exciting. After years of selling cow leather, Von Holzhausen recently announced that they’re going fully vegan! They’ve always been committed to sustainability, but it was their discovery of high quality “Technik–leather” that proved how impressive vegan bags could be. Von Holzhausen touts the advantages of their Technik-leather as such: “100% Vegan and animal friendly, no formaldehyde or chromium, no off gassing and low VOCs (volatile organic compounds), no waste factor, no flaws, crack resistant, odorless, half the weight of leather, no PVC, no toxic by–products.” These vegan bags are on the pricey side, but they’re truly an investment in our shared sustainable future.

Shop luxury vegan bags at Von Holzhausen.

Von Holzhausen vegan bags technkik leather

Shown here are The Shopper (White & Black), The Handheld (Taupe & Black), and The Cage Crossbody (Caramel).

The Lovely Things (fully vegan)

The Lovely Things debuted in 2016, after founder Monica personally became vegan and wanted to combine her love of animals with her love of fashion. She takes this compassion an extra step by donating a percent of profits to animal rescue organizations every month. Her brand primarily sells vegan purses and bags, but she also offers a collection of scarves, jewelry, and other accessories. The Lovely Things maintains a very reasonable price point, making sure that kind, ethical fashion can be attainable for all!

Shop affordable vegan bags at The Lovely Things.

the lovely things uk vegan leather purses bags

Shown here are the Zip Detail Backpack, the Combined Texture Small Chain Bag, and the Bucket Bag with Tassels.

Eve & Adis (fully vegan)

Eve & Adis is a Berlin-based vegan fashion brand with an aesthetic combining clean lines and shapes with a bohemian chic flair. They focus on innovative and eco-friendly materials like sustainably harvested cork and Pinatex. Their backpacks are equally suited for the jet-setting environmentalist or the trend setting college student. Their vegan totes and shoulder bags would be perfect for a Venice Beach fashionista, a style-conscious festival goer, or even a high school student wanting to add a little cool, compassionate flair to her wardrobe!

Shop sustainable vegan bags at Eve & Adis.

eve and adis vegan duffle bag backpacks pinatex

Shown here are the Pinatex Hangover Backpack, the Eco-Leather Duffle Bag Brown, and the Eco-Leather Foldover Backpack.

Ztudio 8b (fully vegan)

Ztudio 8b is an Italian vegan handbag line founded by German designer Natalie Krieg. Inspired by her love of animal and her opposition to “fast fashion”, Natalie created a gorgeous collection of customizable and convertible bags. The bags are designed to mix and match, in that some fit perfectly inside others to ensure you have everything you need on your day out! My favorite feature is the “Organizer” inside the “Shopper”, which is a magnetic Keypendant that ensure your keys don’t get lost inside your purse!

Shop customizable vegan bags at Ztudio 8b.

zstudio 8b italian vegan handbagsShown above is their entire mix and match collection!

Hetty + Sam (fully vegan)

What started as a company focused on cases for cosmetics and electronics has evolved into a quirky, creative, and cruelty-free vegan bag brand! Husband and wife team Hetty and Sam work with innovative and progressive artists to develop unique and eye-catching patterns – many of which are animal-centric- for their wide range of products. Check them out for backpacks, totes, clutches, and much more!

Shop artsy vegan bags at Hetty + Sam.

hetty and sam vegan leather artisan bags 2

Shown here are the Vulpes Small Red Fox Vegan Leather Backpack, the Sky Vegan Tote Handbag, and the Kiss of a Panda Vegan Leather Clutch Bag.

Carbon Noir (fully vegan)

Honestly, I absolutely love a bag with a story. Carbon Noir vegan bags definitely fit that requirement! Made from post-consumer car tires, these bags have already been on quite a few adventures. Did they drive a rescued pet home from a shelter? Did they transport a student to her first day of college? The buyer will never know, but it’s fun to imagine! Carbon Noir bags are perfect for the compassionate fashionista who loves to wear black (i.e.: me!!), because right now the line is limited to that one color. Style-wise, you’ll find a variety of almost futuristic looking totes, backpacks, crossbodys, bucket bags, and more!

Shop vegan recycled handbags at Carbon Noir.

carbon noir recycled tire rubber sustainable bags

Shown here are the Stripe Noir Bucket Bag, the Eclipse Cross Body, and the Stripe Noir Shopping Bag.

Story 81 (fully vegan)

Story 81, named after the founder’s birth year, is a vegan bag and candle line based in the UK. Her collection may still be small, but what it lacks in variety it makes up for in thoughtful details and creative modern style. Story 81 is definitely a brand to watch!

Shop vegan bags at Story 81.

story 81 vegan bags

Shown here are the Pia Bucket Bag, the Lila Satchel Bag, and the Milan Mini Satchel.

Marsi Bond (fully vegan)

Marsi Bond states their mission as such: “Our goal is simple: provide our customers with statement pieces – without the statement prices.” A quick peek at their website makes it clear that they accomplish this goal with their boldly colored, well-structured vegan bags. Marsi Bond bags are set apart not only by their unique aesthetic, but also by the thought put into details like a removable, washable interior lining. I love the look of all their styles, but I find the structured totes to be the most eye-catching!

Shop vegan handbags at Marsi Bond.

marsi bond vegan leather handbags 2

Shown here are the Michelle Vegan Leather Structured Classic Tote Handbag in Pink, the Penelope Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag, and the Brooklyn Vegan Leather Satchel Duffle Bag in Cognac.

Eba Totes (fully vegan)

Eba Totes were designed with functionality and ethics in mind. Founder Emmaly was tired of buying stylist totes that looked good but were infuriating to use. Who among us hasn’t cursed under our breath while digging deep into a disorganized bag? Eba aims to solve this problem by dividing each tote into two separate compartments, in part for easy organization and also to protect your electronics on one side while allowing you to store water bottles or food on the other side. Don’t worry about spills, your Eba Tote’s lining is waterproof!

Shop vegan tote bags at Eba Totes.

eba totes vegan sustainable functional bags

Shown here are The Indigo Tote, The Whiskey Tote, and The Cork Tote.

Jean Louis Mahé (fully vegan)

Jean Louis Mahé is a French vegan handbag designer committed to raising awareness about the cruelty within the cow leather industry and showing that there can be another way. Their bags are made in French and Italian factories with high regard for quality and design. Jean Louis Mahé was named in honor of the founder’s grandparents, who taught her to love and respect nature. 1% of the brand’s profits are donated to animal advocacy organizations.

Shop vegan handbags at Jean Louis Mahé.

Jean Louis Mahé French vegan bags

Shown here are the Zebra, the Antilope, and the Pochette.

Vegan Apparel & Outerwear

Please note, some of the vegan fashion companies listed below are independent designers, whereas some are boutiques or online retailers that sell vegan apparel.

Bead & Reel (fully vegan)

Bead & Reel is an online boutique that features fully ethical and fully vegan fashion (shoes, bags, apparel, etc.)! Owner Sica Schmitz is passionate not only about animal advocacy, but also for human rights and female empowerment. Her curated boutique features only brands with the utmost respect for human and animal rights. If you’re shopping for a cute summer dress, a colorful scarf, statement-making jewelry, or even cruelty-free beauty products, Bead & Reel is a fantastic place to start!

Shop vegan fashion at Bead & Reel.

bead and reel vegan fashion apparel ethical sustainable

Shown here are the Hibiscus 2-in-1 Tie Maxi, the Lola Bodysuit, and the Hope Scarf.

Petit Vour (fully vegan)

Petit Vour may be best known for their monthly vegan & cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare subscription box (I’m obsessed with it), but in the past year or so, they’ve also started selling vegan fashion and accessories! Curating only pieces that meet their standards for highest quality and high fashion, Petit Vour has a full collection of everything from undergarments to rompers to dresses to jackets! All designed and created without harming any animals. They update their website often, so be sure to check in regularly for the newest trends in vegan fashion!

Shop vegan fashion and accessories at Petit Vour.

petit vour vegan fashion apparel faux leather

Shown here are the Pink Moto Jacket, the Rorey Tassel Romper, and the Mona Dress!

I Love Tyler Madison (fully vegan)

I Love Tyler Madison is run by two incredible vegan sisters, Charna Zucker and Jacqueline Harris. The vegan fashion company is named after their two rescued dogs, Tyler and Madison, which I absolutely love. Using cruelty-free materials like vegan leather and faux suede, Tyler Madison offers a range of high quality, fashion forward apparel for the modern, compassionate woman. On top of all that, they donate a portion of revenue to animal rescue and advocacy organizations like WildAid, the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals, the Jane Goodall Institute, and more!

Shop vegan fashion at I Love Tyler Madison or Amazon.

tyler madison vegan leather pants apparel

Shown here are the Mara Waxed Pants, the Mia Top, and the Jacqueline Skinny Pants.

Delikate Rayne (fully vegan)

I’ve been kind of obsessed with Delicate Rayne since they first launched in 2014. Run by two sisters, Delikate Rayne specializes in high end, designer quality, American-made vegan fashion that they refer to as “cruelty-free contemporary luxury”. They primarily sell vegan leather apparel (jackets, pants, and skirts), but they also offer other animal-friendly pieces like satin shorts and cotton fleece jackets. Inspired equally by runway fashion and compassion for animals, Delikate Rayne offers a fresh, modern line for fashionistas with heart.

Shop vegan leather and vegan fashion at Delikate Rayne.

delikate rayne vegan fashion

Shown here are the Black Vegan Leather Fringe Skirt, the Blue Satin and Venice Lace Trim Kimono, and the Black Vegan Leather Bustier.

Sararose (fully vegan)

Sararose has a special place in my heart, because they were the first real boutique to carry my designs back when I was making my own apparel! I also happen to adore the founder, Sararose, and her mom, Sally, both of whom are incredible women dedicated to high quality vegan fashion! They have a physical store in Chicago, but you can also visit them online to shop their selection of bamboo dresses (SO incredibly flattering, I’m obsessed with mine), faux fur jackets, wool-free sweaters, and more!

Shop sustainable vegan fashion at Sararose.

sararose vegan fashion faux fur

Shown here are the Aria T-Shirt Maxi, the London Faux Fur Jacket, and the Bella Sweatshirt.

Save The Duck (fully vegan)

Save The Duck is making the case that one can easily, comfortably, and stylishly survive winter weather without using animals in ANY way. Their jackets and vests contain no fur, no leather, no wool, and (most notably) no down feathers! Loved by celebrities like Megan Fox, Naomi Watts, Isla Fischer, and Alessandra Ambrosio, these sporty and sustainable jackets are available in styles for men, women, and children! As part of their commitment to animal advocacy, Save The Duck has donated to organizations like PETA, Save The Dogs, the World Wildlife Fund, and others.

Shop vegan jackets at Save The Duck or Amazon.

save the duck vegan jacket coats winter

Shown here are the Women’s Giga Hooded Puffer Jacket, the Men’s Jacket in Dusty Olive, and the Women’s Winter Coat.

Nois New York (fully vegan)

Nois New York started as a street style blog, but evolved into a cruelty-free online boutique! They offer a wide range of vegan accessories, bags, shoes, dresses, and outerwear, but I think they really stand out with their curated collection of wool-free, angora-free cozy vegan sweaters. At Nois New York, you’ll find some traditional styles and looks, but you’ll also discover new trends and creative couture, all made without harming any animals!

Shop sustainable vegan fashion at Nois New York.

vegan fashion nois new york sustainable vegan sweaters.png

Shown here are the Helsinki Teddy Coat, the Rib Roll Neck, and the Unisex Sherpa Fleece Pullover.

SpiritHoods (fully vegan)

You’ve most likely seen a SpiritHoods jacket or furry hood, if not in real life then at least on social media. Their faux fur outerwear is a must have for music festivals and Burning Man, but for me personally it’s a must have for taking my dogs out on snowy winter mornings! Their jackets are extremely warm, proving that animals need not be harmed for fashion nor for fending off chilly weather. Their commitment to animal protection extends to their policy of donating 10% of net profits to organizations that advocate on behalf of endangered species!

Shop faux fur jackets, vests, and apparel at SpiritHoods.

spirithoods faux fur vegan fashion

Shown here are the Leopard Faux Fur Coat, the Nighthawk Faux Fur Vest, and the Black Wolf Faux Fur Coat.

Wully Outerwear (fully vegan)

Wully Outerwear was launched as an alternative to cruelty-laden brand Canada Goose (whose jackets are full of goose and duck feathers and often trimmed with coyote fur). Founded by two best friends, Wully Outerwear is a Canadian vegan outerwear brand known for incredibly high quality materials with a classic, almost vintage, style. Their women’s “Doe Parka” was absolutely everywhere this past winter, showing up on models and vegan style icons all across Instagram! I managed to hold off on the purchase last year, but I have a feeling I’ll be splurging come fall 2018!

Shop vegan coats and jackets at Wully Outerwear.

wully outerwear vegan parka women's men's

Shown here are the women’s Doe Parka, the men’s Elk Parka, and the Squirrel Toque.

Vaute Couture (fully vegan)

Somehow Vaute Couture was left out of my initial post, which is a travesty! Vaute Couture was the first vegan fashion label to show on the runway at New York Fashion Week, proving that vegan fashion can absolutely go mainstream. Vaute Couture specializes in wool-free vegan coats, but they also sell cozy sweaters to help you stay stylish and compassionate on those cold winter days. I’ve been wearing and loving Vaute Couture products for years, and they’ve held up impressively well!

Vaute Couture vegan winter coats sustainable fashion

Shown here are the Angela in BlackAran Sweater in Ivory, and the Whitman in Camel.

Noize Original (fully vegan)

Noize has been making outerwear fit for frigid Canadian winters since 1978! Their entire collection is now vegan, with most jackets adorned by faux fur trim. In their own words, Noize “has the ability to mimic haute couture trends without any cruelty making it easy to stay warm, elegant and compassionate.” This past winter I acquired one of their Kenzi jackets, and it kept me cozy and chic through my own chilly winter here in Denver, CO. With the availability of warm winterwear like this, who needs to kill animals anymore?

Shop vegan outerwear at Noize OriginalAmazon, or (often on sale!) at Sierra Trading Post.

noize original vegan canada jackets coats

Shown here are the Kenzi Quilted Anorak, the Daniel Bomber, and the Val Parka.

Hoodlamb (fully vegan)

Once upon a time I bought myself a Hoodlamb jacket. It was probably the coziest jacket I’ve ever owned. Unfortunately, it was too small, and I waited too long to exchange it, so I ended up gifting it to a very, very lucky friend of mine. It really would be difficult for me to put into words how high the quality was, or how soft and comfortable the interior was. Their longterm partnership with Sea Shepherd should tell you how well they hold up in the harshest conditions, given that Sea Shepherd operates in the frigid arctic seas! Hoodlamb jackets can come at a high price (to match their high quality), so if you’re looking for a good deal, be sure to check out their post-winter sales!

Shop sustainable vegan jackets at Hoodlamb.

hoodlamb hemp vegan parkas jackets

Shown here are the Women’s Nordic Parka, the Men’s Nordic Light Parka, and the Ladies Classic Hoodlamb.

Thanks for reading and for caring about ethical vegan fashion! Check back often for updates, as this list is in progress.

xoxo, Jessica (The Tree Kisser)

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  1. Jess! Thank you so much for a great and serious comprehensive guide! I see some vegan purchases in my future lol

  2. Wow. This is so helpful. Thank you for taking the time to make this. I was just googling vegan purses and none of these amazing designers came up and I was lamenting the lack of quality options. Thanks again for this fabulous resource 🙂

    1. Thanks for letting me know it was helpful! I know what you mean, it can get a little frustrating. I had to use all kinds of creative research methods to track these all down!

  3. Wow! Seriously love being introduced to all these new brands! What’s your opinion of Vaute coats? I’m moving to the East coat and really need to invest in a good coat that’ll keep me warm all through winter, but also wanted something a little more fashion forward.

    1. Wow, I can’t believe I left Vaute out of the guide!! Total brain failure, I’m adding them right now. I love Vaute, I have two coats and a sweater from them that I’m obsessed with! I haven’t tried the snow jackets, so I can’t vouch for those, but the quality of everything they make is exceptional!

  4. This is hands down one of THE greatest posts I’ve seen on here relating to both veganism and fashion. Ridiculous amount of content, factually sound and for a great cause! Amazing work here, can’t even begin to think of the hours you put into the research and hyperlinking as well as writing this in your own prose! Fantastic stuff! Saving the animals whilst giving people the knowledge of fashion they need, brilliant. Will definitely be looking forward to reading more of your stuff in the near future!

  5. This is a brilliant post! It’s very informative and you have clearly spent a lot of time researching brands, both small and large! Thank you!

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