8 Chic & Stylish Vegan Bags on Etsy!

vegan handbags on etsy

I’ve been loving all the unique vegan fashion finds on Etsy lately!

Every time I pop over to Etsy, I discover at least one rad new product or brand. Etsy bags make great conversation-starting statements, because many of them are handmade, and some are even one-of-a-kind! Gone are the days of fashion-forward women spending their entire paychecks on Prada bags to fit in with the crowd. We’ve entered a new phase in which individuality is coveted, not mocked! And as I keep saying lately, vegan fashion used to be an oxymoron, but now it’s a movement. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to grab a trend-setting, cruelty-free bag, I can help!

Many cruelty-free and/or eco-friendly companies host their shops on Etsy, because it’s a great place for independent brands to be discovered. With Etsy’s mission to “Keep Commerce Human,” they prioritizes handmade, customizable, and/or vintage items, with extra points for sustainability! Aren’t those the kinds of ethics you want to support (and wear!) every day?

Unfortunately, Etsy has gotten a bit cluttered over the years, making it harder to find the real high quality stuff. It takes some practice and definitely some commitment to sort through dozens of pages to find the unique, genuine, truly impressive items- but I’m happy to do the work for you! No need to waste your time skimming through the tacky, kitschy nonsense- use this list to skip right to the chic, fashion forward vegan bags that are all free of animal products! Whether you’re looking for an everyday tote, a fun yet functional diaper bag, or a statement making vegan clutch, I’ve got you covered:

Convertible Backpack by Canopy Verde

etsy vegan bag canopy verde best fashion

Canopy Verde was created after the founder grew frustrated with the amount of waste within the fashion industry. She saw firsthand how many sheets of extra or imperfect fabric were discarded, and how changing trends and fast fashion led to increased and unnecessary consumption. In launching Canopy Verde, she was able to start from scratch with a much more sustainable and efficient process! This best selling convertible backpack receives rave reviews from its buyers, which is always a good sign!

Grab the Canopy Verde Convertible Vegan Backpack here!

Vegan Suede Crossbody Purse by Lee Coren


Lee Coren offers a wide variety of stylish vegan bags on Etsy, so I thought it would be hard to pick a favorite. However, once I saw this unique faux suede bag with its subtle yet striking metallic confetti dot print, I was in love! I tend to opt for traditional colors and prints, when choosing my own bags, but I love the pop of originality that the confetti spots bring to this one!

Grab this Vegan Suede Crossbody Purse by Lee Coren here!

Faux Leather Backpack by SCHUMEE

vegan bags on etsy backpack faux leather

SCHUMEE is an Israeli brand of vegan bags and backpacks. Shop owner Daniela hand makes every bag using vegan faux leather, canvas, cotton, and other natural materials. Her stylish yet functional backpacks are her biggest seller, with customers loving the roomy interior and sleek design. SCHUMEE also offers free shipping worldwide!

Grab SCHUMEE’s Faux Leather Backpack here!

The Newport Slouch Bag by BagEnvy

vegan bags on etsy diaper bag striped

BagEnvy offers a bunch of different fabrics and patterns for their customizable bags, but this nautical style with vegan leather accents is my favorite! The designer describes it as a “diaper bag in disguise”, as the numerous pockets hidden in the interior lining make it perfect for a chic mom on the go. Whether you’re headed to the Hamptons or a 4th of July barbecue, this bag is ready to come along on all your Spring & Summer adventures!

Grab the Newport Slouch Bag by BagEnvy here!

Pink Crocheted Cotton Shoulder Bag by Ajourini


Okay, I know this Ajourni bag isn’t for everybody, but I personally love it. Especially for Spring (hello, perfect Mother’s Day gift)! This eye-catching pastel bag would be ideal for a bridal shower, a casual brunch, or happy hour with the girls! It’s available in a few other colors, so don’t fret if pink isn’t your style.

Grab Ajourini’s┬áPink Crocheted Cotton Shoulder Bag here!

Mega Shopping Tote by Cocoono Bags

vegan bags on etsy grey giant shopping tote

I sort of have a thing for giant bags. This oversized vegan tote by Cocoono Bags would be perfect for intense shopping days or for travel, as long as you’re toting around items that aren’t too heavy! These PETA approved vegan bags are made in a small workshop in Poland, and they can be shipped very quickly worldwide!

Grab Cocoono Bags’ Mega Shopping Tote here!

Mini Cork Handbag by Corkor

vegan bag on etsy clutch cork

Cork is having a moment right now. Cork’s cruelty-free nature and its ability to be harvested sustainably make it a must-use material for vegan bags and shoes! When used improperly, it can look a little overly hippie-esque, but Corkor has mastered the art of chic-ifying cork fabric! This bag is definitely one of those conversation starts that shows your friends how easy it is to be stylish and eco-friendly!

Grab Corkor’s Mini Cork Handbag here!

Faux Leather Bucket Bag by RedMaus

vegan faux leather bucket bag etsy

Bucket bags have been on my bucket list lately. I love the classic look of the simple, rustic drawstring function; I can picture Dolores Abernathy sporting one of these to carry her supplies around town (anyone else watching Westworld on HBO? Just me?). I personally love this distressed brown look, but it’s available in numerous other colors if you’re into more eye-catching jewel tones!

Grab RedMaus’ Faux Leather Bucket Bag here!

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