Eco-Friendly Gifts (That Are Also Vegan!) 2018

The holiday season can be a bit tricky for the sustainability lovers. The thought of reducing our carbon footprint doesn’t always mesh well with such a consumer-driven, commercialized season. That said, thanks to innovative minds across the world, there are quite a few options for those of us who want to show love for our friends and family while also showing love for Mother Earth!

Sustainable Vegan Gifts 2018

Give A Sh*T: Do Good. Live Better. Save The Planet.

eco-friendly gifts give a shit ashlee piper

Have a friend who wants to save the planet, but doesn’t quite know where to start? Or a friend who is already taking steps to be more eco-friendly, but still has lots of questions? This is THE book for that person. Written by my brilliant and absolutely hilarious friend Ashlee Piper, Give A Sh*t , is the perfect guide to sustainable living in a modern world. Whether you’re working on making better choices in your diet, your household, your closet, or even your social life, Ashlee is here to help with her unique blend of wisdom and humor. And don’t worry, the book itself is printed on 100% recycled paper with vegetable-based inks!

Buy Give A Sh*t: Do Good. Live Better. Save The World. at Amazon. Currently priced at $11.59 USD.

Rothy’s Recycled Woven Shoes

sustainable gifts 2018 recycled shoes rothy's

Rothy’s have taken the eco-fashion world by storm in recent years, thanks in part to Princess Meghan Markle stepping out in them! These lightweight, extremely comfortable (and well reviewed) flats are made from recycled glass bottles. Thanks to support from consumers, Rothy’s has repurposed and recycled over 19 million bottles!

Shop sustainable gifts at Rothy’s. Current prices range from $125 – $165 USD.

Votch Piñatex Vegan Watches

sustainable vegan gifts 2018 votch eco-friendly watches

If you aren’t familiar with Piñatex, get familiar! Piñatex is a relatively new “faux leather” fabric made from pineapple leaf fibers, which are a by-product of the pineapple industry. What used to be thrown away is now being used to create eco-friendly alternatives to cruel leather products! Votch does sell other vegan watches, but the Piñatex line is your best bet for pleasing the sustainability aficionado in your life!

Shop sustainable gifts at Votch. Current prices range from $176 – $195 USD.

HFS Collective Eco-Friendly Belt Bags

hipsters for sisters hfs collective vegan bags

Founded in 2012 by a mother-daughter duo, HFS Collective (formerly known as Hipsters For Sisters) primarily focuses on hands-free vegan belt bags (think fanny packs, but high-fashion). They work with materials like Pinatex (made from pineapples) and EcoSuede (made from post-industrial recycled polyester and post-consumer recycled plastic bottles), so you can feel proud of your sustainable purchase. They also donate 2% of revenue to organizations that empower women and protect the planet!

Shop sustainable gifts at HFS Collective. Current prices range from $100-$300 USD.

Hoodlamb Hemp & Organic Cotton Scarves

eco-friendly gifts hoodlamb hemp organic cotton scarf

Hoodlamb is one of my favorite eco-friendly AND animal-friendly outerwear brands! They use materials like hemp, organic cotton, and recycled PET to create their immensely popular vegan apparel. A lot of vegan winter gear is made from acrylic or other materials that aren’t always planet-friendly, but your loved ones can feel guiltless wrapping themselves up in these sustainably made scarves!

Shop eco-friendly scarves at Hoodlamb. Currently priced at $49 USD.

Everlane ReNew Recycled Polyester Fleece

eco-friendly gifts sustainable everlane recycled polyester fleece

Known for their policy of “radical transparency,” Everlane is always working on incorporating more eco-friendly, sustainable materials into their brand. My personal favorite product is this ReNew Fleece, made from recycled polyester! As cute as it is cozy, this “goes with everything” top will keep you warm without breaking the bank!

Shop recycled polyester fleeces at Everlane. Current price is $55 USD.

Recycled Wetsuits Yoga Mat

sustainable gifts 2018 recycled yoga mat

For the eco-conscious yogi on your list! These yoga mats are made from recycled neoprene wetsuits that otherwise would’ve ended up in landfills. The “closed cell” quality of neoprene wetsuits means that your mat won’t absorb any dust or other yuckiness from the floor of your yoga studio, making it as practical as it is planet-friendly. It’s also guaranteed to be a conversation starter with other sustainably minded yoga students!

Shop recycled wetsuit yoga mats at Uncommon Goods. Currently priced at $89 USD.

Sustainable Shopping Tools from EarthEasy

sustainable gifts 2018 eartheasy eco-friendly

Grocery shopping: one of the toughest activities to get through without creating unnecessary waste. Fortunately, EarthEasy has all kinds of tools to help you shop consciously! Grocery accessories may not sound exciting, but any true aspiring zero waste consumer on your gift list will appreciate these helpful items. My favorites (pictured above) are the Reusable Produce Bags Set, the Organic Bulk Bags Set, and the 24-7 Reusable Bag.

Shop sustainable gifts at EarthEasy. Current prices on these featured items range from $10.95 to $18.95 USD.

Alchemy Goods Upcycled Bags & Accessories

eco-friendly gifts vegan upcycled mens

I was recently introduced to Alchemy Goods by a friend of mine who does sustainable, eco-friendly product placement for Hollywood films and television! He always knows about the coolest and most planet-friendly products. Alchemy Goods makes all of their vegan bags and accessories from upcycled materials like bicycle tubes and advertising banners. What an amazing way to keep durable materials out of the landfills!

Shop upcycled bags and accessories at Alchemy Goods. Prices vary.

Nicora Shoes

eco-friendly gifts for women shoes nicora johns

Nicora Shoes has been a favorite of mine since I spent an afternoon with the founder, Stephanie Nicora, about seven years ago! Stephanie is a 3rd generation shoe maker, and was tired of seeing a global shoe industry full of animal cruelty, slave labor, horrific environmental practices, and low standards for quality. Nicora Shoes are made with Kind Leather, a proprietary material made from recycled materials and organic waste (no plastic!). Nicora’s Kind Leather is made with solar and clean energy, which eliminates nearly all energy costs in their manufacturing.

Compared to mass market footwear, Nicora Shoes do have a higher price tag, but this is only due to their incredible environmental processes, their dedication to paying laborers a living wage, and their exceptionally high standards for quality.

Shop eco-friendly vegan shoes at Nicora Shoes. Current prices range from $149 to $278 USD.

Recycled Wine Bottle Platters

eco-friendly gifts recycled wine bottle platters uncommon goods

This world has an abundance of discarded wine bottles, and they aren’t even all my fault! This company is keeping them out of landfills by turning them into adorable conversation starting party platters! If you have a planet-conscious wine aficionado on your gift list, look no further- this is the gift for them!

Shop recycled wine bottle platters at Uncommon Goods. Current price: $24 USD.

Decorative Ceramic Compost Keeper

eco-friendly gifts 2018 compost container

If you’re anything like me, you know you should compost, you feel guilty about throwing food scraps away, but you just don’t know how to set the system up. If any of your friends or family are in the same boat, this is a great gift to help them get started! Once you already have a container built specifically for this purpose, you’re halfway there! And of course, the aesthetic is gorgeous, making it an easy addition to any modern kitchen.

Shop the Decorative Compost Keeper at EarthEasy. Current price: $26.95 USD.

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