Best Vegan Gifts for Men 2020

If you’re looking for vegan gifts for men, you’ve come to the right place! I’m lucky enough to have a vegan husband, a vegan brother (best friend), a (mostly) vegan father, and lots of vegan male friends! As such, I’ve had to purchase *many* vegan gifts for men in the past ten years. I’ve seen what they love, what they like, and what they hate. From cruelty-free personal care products to plant-based cookbooks to animal-free fashion to gifts that give back to animals, I’ve got it all.

What follows is a list of brands as well as more general ideas. If the brand has a wide variety of vegan gifts for men, I’ve introduced you to the brand. If there’s only one item in particular to recommend, I’ve highlighted that specific item. Happy shopping!

Vegan Gifts For Men (Winter 2020)

Matt and Nat Vegan Leather Accessories

vegan gifts for men matt and nat vegan briefcase wallet

Matt and Nat tops a lot of lists of vegan gifts for men, because they’re among the most popular, well respected vegan fashion brands out there! Their quality never fails to impress. They’re also constantly working on incorporating eco-friendly materials, like the recycled nylon they’ve started using on the interior of their bags!

Vegan styles shown above are the Soren Briefcase (Chili), the Leo (Black), and the Rubben (Chili)

Find vegan gifts for men at Matt & Nat. Prices vary.

Pawj Arctic Fleece Men’s Shoe


vegan gifs for men pawj shoes

I hope my husband doesn’t read my blog posts too carefully, because I’m 100% buying these for him this year! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m OBSESSED with my own Pawj shoes (the boots and the slippers!), so I’m thrilled that they’re launching a men’s style! Pawj is known and loved for making cozy vegan Uggs style boots with exceptionally high quality. If the man on your list loves animals and fashion, these shoes absolutely will not disappoint!

Shop vegan men’s shoes at Pawj California. Current price: $119.97 USD.


Le Labo Luxury Eau de Parfum

vegan gifts for men le labo cologne perfume parfum nordstrom

Le Labo makes exclusively vegan and cruelty-free scents for an upscale market! Their scents are technically unisex, but they’re incredibly popular among men. Santal 33 is by far their most popular scent according to Nordstrom’s reports, but Thé Noir 29 is a close second (and happens to be a trusted friend of mine’s favorite scent on her man). If you don’t want to gamble on one scent, sample them all with The Discovery Set!

Shop vegan gifts for men at Nordstrom. Prices vary.

Sorel Vegan Winter Boots

sorel men's vegan winter snow boots

Vegan styles pictured above are the Caribou XT Boot, the Glacier XT Boot, and the 1964 PAC NYLON Boot.

Sorel specializes in making high-quality, extremely warm boots, and fortunately they have a few vegan options for men! However, Sorel does sell quite a few boots made with cow skin, so be sure to read the materials.

Shop vegan snow boots for men at Sorel or Amazon.

TenTree Apparel & Accessories

vegan gift guide for men tentree

Tentree is one of those rare, exceptional brands that cares about animals and the environment! They use almost zero animal products with the exception of some wool. Even their leather-looking patches are made from sustainable cork! Using materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester, Tentree offers eco-friendly apparel that doesn’t break the bank. They also plant ten trees for every item purchased! They’ve planted more than 50 million trees since their launch! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Find vegan gifts for men at TenTree. Prices vary.

Truff Hot Sauce Variety Pack

vegan gifts for men truff sauce

I’ve been seeing posts about these gourmet truffle hot sauce for months now. I can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing some foodie rave about them. These versatile luxury truffle sauces can be used on pasta, tacos, sandwiches, mac ‘n cheese, vegan parmesan fries, pizza, and much more! The introductory Variety Pack includes three popular flavors (Truff Hot Sauce, Truff Hotter Sauce, and the seasonal White Truff), but individual bottles are available as well. No need to worry, the whole line is vegan!

Find the Truff Hot Sauce Variety Pack at Truff or Amazon. Variety pack priced at $69.99.

Plant-Based Cookbooks

vegan gifts for men cookbooks wicked healthy bosh hot for food

With more and more NFL players, celebrities, and body builders ditching animal products every day, the stereotype of the “unmanly” vegan guy is nearly dead. After all, what’s more masculine than using your strength to protect the lives of others? Whether the vegan (or vegan-curious!) man you’re shopping for is an expert chef or a total amateur, there’s a book out there for him.

Some of my favorite dude-friendly options (pictures above) are The Wicked Healthy Cookbook: Free. From Animals., Bosh! Simple Recipes * Amazing Food * All PlantsHot For Food Vegan Comfort Classics: 101 Recipes to Feed Your Face: , but you can shop my full list of exceptional vegan cookbooks here!

Find vegan cookbooks at Amazon. Prices vary.

Hurtig Lane Vegan Watch

vegan gifts for men 2018 christmas hurtig lane vegan watches

There are a few great vegan watch brands out there, but Hurtig Lane carries my favorite styles- especially for men! Hurtig Lane is based in Barcelona, but they ship (quickly) all around the world. Whether you’re into a more traditional, elegant look or you prefer a modern twist on a classic time piece, Hurtig Lane can hook you up!

Find vegan gifts for men at Hurtig Lane. Prices range from $119 to $169 USD.

Cozy Animal-Friendly Slippers

vegan slippers for men 2020

Trust me. Even if they don’t ask for it, the men in your life will love new slippers. Doesn’t matter if they already have some, they need more. I’ve written a whole blog post about vegan slippers, so feel free to shop from there! A couple of my personal favorites (pictured above) are the Toms Berkeley Slippers ($59.95), the Freewaters Norman Slippers ($54.95). **NOTE: Slippers are selling FAST this year, so don’t wait too long!

Shop vegan slippers from my Guide to Cozy Vegan Slippers. Prices vary.

Shop Dog Threads Matching Apparel

matching dog clothing shop dog threads

Honestly, this gift is just as fun for the giver as it is the recipient, because how cute are these photos?! Shop Dog Threads makes high quality matching apparel for dogs and their humans. Each item is purchased individually, so you can simply order one sweater for one dog, a pair for your man and his canine BFF, or a matching set for the whole family. They offer pajamas, sweaters, and even Hawaiian shirts! 2% of each sale is donated to animal rescue organizations.

Shop matching dog & human apparel at Shop Dog Threads. Prices vary.

*PS: Use code TREEKISSER10 for 10% off your order!*


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